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Woman Says She’s Selling Nude Photos of T.O. Because He Stopped Skyping With Her


Let me just say first of all I’m not *entirely* convinced that T.O. isn’t behind this. However, I’m leaning toward this being a true story first because I don’t see how this would help him unless he really believes the photos are worth  a lot of $$ and secondly because I know that athletes do this kind of thing. That thing where they skype with or talk to or fly out a woman, have whatever fun they want and then cut off contact completely even going so far as to pretend not to know them. That’s what this anonymous woman says happen to her. She said once T.O. got back with his girlfriend when she’d skype message him he’d say “who is this?”

Well if she ain’t nothing but a hoochie mama (her email address matches that of an escort service) there’s no way she’s going to take this abuse lying down-not with screen caps and publications readily willing to be used to help her make some weird point to T.O. I say the point is weird cause no one but no one knows consequences better than Terrell Owens. He’s been stripped of everything-money, career, dignity-and now privacy.

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On Athletes LIke Terrell Owens Going Broke

Terrell Owens has come clean about his financial problems in a masterfully written GQ piece.

It took a little while for the GQ profile on Terrell Owens to catch fire, but now it’s all over the blogosphere and everyone knows that Owens is broke, lonely, and without direction. But one thing you can’t say about Owens it that he spent all his money on houses, cars and shiny jewelry. That’s simply not the case.

I’ve started to answer reader questions on my vlog (which will soon be moving off You Tube and on to this site) and one of the questions I got was about whether I thought that the trend of athletes going broke would end and if white players were as guilty of overspending as black players.

You can see my video answer here:


To answer the question I chose to take the focus off of houses, cars, clothes and jewelry. Partly because we all (Americans, in general) overspend on things like that. We just can’t do it at the same scale as athletes. Plus if you buy houses, cars, clothes and jewelry you can often later get a percentage (albeit small) of that money back by selling those items. They’re dumb purchases but they’re not always total losses.

What is a total loss? Bad investments, loans to family members, child support and alimony/divorce settlements!



T.O. Wins the Book of World Records Honor for “Loneliest Workout Ever”

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When I heard that former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens was holding a workout for teams to come and view his newly healed knee, my first thought was “oh okay…wait…that’s not how that works.” See, if a team is even mildy interested in you, they will invite YOU to THEIR facility to workout in drills THEY would like to see YOU do.

For whatever reason, NFL network decided to air the workout and then interview T.O. after. You know this by now, but not even one team showed up to see T.O.’s lonely ass work out. Bucky Johnson reviewed the workout and gave both the positives and negatives:

» Owens displayed balance and body control while running a 20-yard shuttle. He easily touched the line while changing directions and showed a little burst on the finish. His unofficial time (4.26 according to my watch) would rank near the middle of the pack among NFL Scouting Combine participants in 2011. It should be noted that Owens might not have trained for the shuttle drills like draft hopefuls, but the time provides a bit of a measuring stick for evaluators looking to gauge his explosiveness.

» He didn’t look good running through the three-cone drill. He was slow in and out of his turns, and failed to show much of a transition burst. He didn’t really give maximum effort in the drill, and his unofficial time of 7.25 reflected his lack of burst. For comparison’s sake, the best time at last year’s combine was 6.42 by WR Jeff Maehl of Oregon.

Bucky also pointed out that T.O. isn’t a big draw for teams looking for an immediate impact. At this point in the season, there’s NO REASON to take a player you don’t think can perform right away. T.O.’s bestie Ochocinco has had now over two months to produce for his new team and it hasn’t happened yet. T.O. has traditionally struggled to connect with teammates and develop chemistry with QBs. There’s no reason to think that that will change now.

One thing’s for sure, T.O.’s body looks great. And when guys talk about it, things get really gay really quick.

Listen to the guys at NFL network talk about how Drew Rosenhaus is helping sell T.O.’s  by having his shirt off to show off “the abs, the delts…and…SMILE….everything T.O. brings to the table.” umm And then Deion Sanders tweeted that if he had T.O.’s body he’d walk around naked all the time. I couldn’t find the tweet or else I’d link it. However, I did find the tweet where Deion thought the Carolina Panthers might be a good fit for T.O.

Where has Deion been? Does Steve Smith look like he’s here for T.O.’s bullshit? I don’t know Steve Smith personally, but I highly doubt he has any interest in playing alongside T.O. Would you? Not you, Deion. I’m talking about yall? You? Not me. Hell no. I would even take it a step further and say based on my observations of Cam Newton, I don’t think he would tolerate the slightest lip from T.O. nor any breaking off routes!

You can watch the NFL network analysts try to make this lonely shit sound interesting. I can only hope that Drew and T.O. ASSUMED no teams would show up and that this was just another example of T.O. willing to embarrass himself for his reality TV show.

You can also view T.O.’s post-workout interview here. He said the goal of the workout is to end the rumors that “he’s not ready.” Problem is, readiness isn’t the largest issue going on here. It’s just one of many. And that 40 time of 7.25 may be similar to that of other veterans; however, it’s not really good to volunteer to the world that you won’t have much ability to accelerate off the line of scrimmage.


Financially Troubled Terrell Owens Wants Desean Jackson to Get Cut From the Eagles Like He Was

Terrell Owens Ever Tearful Now Gives Advice to Eagles' Desean Jackson

Terrell Owens Doing What He does

Former NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens made it his  business this week to inject himself into the contract situation the Philadelphia Eagles are having with Desean Jackson. As you all know, Jackson wants and deserves more money. And the Eagles, on a player shopping spree, have been mum on how much Jackson will get when his contract is restructured and whether it will be this season.

But right now, all signs point to Jackson getting a new contract. Vick reworked his contract, cuts were made, and salary cap space is there. That doesn’t mean the Eagles have to do it this season, in fact it might work to Jackson’s advantage if they wait (assuming he has a good season this year).

Owens was quoted as saying that Jackson shouldn’t show up for week 1 to play unless his contract is restructured. This is sage advice coming from a man who, on the last episode of his VH1 reality show, hit viewers with the Ralph Tresvantesque single-eye tear over the fact that he has ZERO income coming in and a friend has stolen a significant amount of money from him. The same Owens who allowed vh1 to write into the script a scene where he takes advice from some non-psychologist non-financial adviser named CUZZIN JEFF.

I guess if your life can’t get any worse, might as well help someone get down to your level.

As an Eagles fan I lived through the suspension and contract drama they dealt with after signing Owens. And I was so happy when the Eagles did what they do and cut his ass from the team. We don’t do a lot of drama and the like and such in Philadelphia. Wrong team. Wrong city.

I was surprised to see the guys over at Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner Blog agree with Owens:

I know this won’t be something Eagles fans like to hear, but it’s not like there’s no logic to what Owens is saying. At $600,000, Jackson’s earning way less than market value for a player of his ability. Careers are short. Injuries happen. Market value is fair, and most of the time, holding out is the only leverage a player has.

Okay, here’s the thing. WR careers are NOT short when compared to other players. Yes Jackson is small, yes he could get hurt. And actually, if he did, that would be proof of why the Eagles are hesitant to make a commitment. The worry is that he will be perennially concussed (he’s already suffered some memory loss)or jammed at the line of scrimmage.  Jackson has very little leverage here, and holding out would help give the Eagles a pass from fans if he got cut. No one wants to see that, but there’s nothing Philadelphia fans appreciate more than patience and signs that you WANT to stay despite our fuckery.

Let’s look at the other side of this. Owens advice is not only bad from a team-player stand point (not surprising since Owens has always been more of a team cancer than a team player), but it’s dumb from a depth standpoint. What Jackson needs to be doing is proving his worth, not sitting out to give EXTREMELY CAPABLE wide receivers Jason Avant, Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper and newly signed former Giant Steve Smith an opportunity to eat up all the shine the Eagles will get on a the national stage. Since I’ve been watching football, no one has ever wanted to see the Eagles the play more than they do right now.

And Jackson should sit out, and miss the glory? If he stays healthy and performs well and the Eagles don’t pay him, someone else will. Ask Sidney Rice who waited his turn on the Vikings and got a big pay day with Seattle this year. For the record, I still think that the Eagles made salary cap moves in order to pay Jackson. I don’t think he should act hastily right now. If he has thoughts of doing so, he should watch Owens’ reality show. I’d hate to see Jackson on TV shedding sad man tears.



Season 3 Premiere of the T.O. Show- Live Blog


(Former?) NFL Star Terrell Owens

I’m ready for the show…something about live blogging a 30 minute show seems wrong but whatever.


I wish they would have put LaLa’s show on AFTER T.O.’s show. But they clearly needed a “lead-in.” They’re not going to trick me into watching. Heck no.


“My best friends know me as Terrell, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.” This just doesn’t sound right at all.


Oh so this surgery is all before he allegedly tore his ACL on the set of Single Ladies.


Who fakes a seizure!!!!!! He ain’t shit for that. lol


Terrell is 37, why is “retire” such a bad word??


Hmm this is starting off slow with him having surgery on his knee. I’m starting to realize I don’t care about T.O. unless he’s crying.


All this money T.O. has made and he wants to still play football? I guess I’m lost.

National Football League Salaries

NFL Player Salaries - Terrell Owens

2008 Dallas Cowboys $ 830,000 $ 12,900,000 $ 5,723,228 $ 13,731,560 Wide Receiver
2006 Dallas Cowboys $ 5,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 6,667,766 $ 10,001,100 Wide Receiver
2004 Philadelphia Eagles $ 660,000 $ 2,300,000 $ 7,244,033 $ 9,160,700 Wide Receiver
2007 Dallas Cowboys $ 5,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 9,666,666 $ 8,000,000 Wide Receiver
2009 Buffalo Bills $ 2,250,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 6,250,000 $ 6,250,000 Wide Receiver
2003 San Francisco 49ers $ 4,200,000 $ 6,661,235 $ 4,700,000 Wide Receiver
2002 San Francisco 49ers $ 3,600,000 $ 6,111,955 $ 4,150,720 Wide Receiver
2005 Philadelphia Eagles $ 2,485,294 $ 3,118,627 $ 2,735,294 Wide Receiver
2001 San Francisco 49ers $ 477,000 $ 3,292,842 $ 2,438,235 $ 2,438,235 Wide Receiver
2000 San Francisco 49ers $ 413,000 $ 1,412,400 $ 1,825,400 $ 1,825,400 Wide Receiver



Nothing to do with the T.O. show but I just saw that Facebook is posting what you said in a status message “on this day” last year. ummmmmm


THAT KNEE holds his future. THAT KNEE holds his career. THAT KNEE THAT KNEE THAT KNEE — Kita


Doctor is drilling through his bone. This is such an awful reminder of how football players are like Humpty Dumpty. They’re just constantly getting put together again and again and again. Kind of scary to think about.


So Terrell calls Kari (the ex who turned down his engagement proposal) to come see him. I don’t understand these kinds of relationships. Also, I thought they were going to show why she turned him down. Well, I think it’s obvious why…but if you’re gonna fly to see a guy at the drop of a dime might as well be with him.


Terrell says he doesn’t smile much…maybe he’s too busy:



Kari is beautiful! But she flies to see a man cause he texted her? He wouldn’t even pick up the phone? I guess this is what some women are willing to do. womp


“you probably think I’m crazy that I’m a grown man and still acting like I’m 25.” Well…yeah. People have been saying that for years. Glad he knows it…I guess?


I truly don’t understand what is going on with T.O. financially????????  lmao @ him falling out of the chair when the guy proposes to Kita with that big ring.


Looks like T.O. will be crying quite a bit, this will keep me interested. I want to know who stole from him and how much!


Virtual Livingroom: Join My LiveBlog of the Terrell Owens Show Tomorrow at 9:30pm

Terrell Owens may or may not play football again. I don’t care one bit. But I must admit his show is pretty good, and since it’s marginally sports related I can justify covering it on the blog. And by covering it, I mean being making sarcastic comments and judging his every word and action.

Typically, I would livetweet the show (which I did last season!) but rather than fill up twitter timelines, I figure I will just take take care of it in my own space. What’s the point in paying for this bandwidth if I don’t use it to the fullest.

I think it will be fun to still watch it with other people, I always get lots of replies on twitter when I livetweet and I can never retweet them all because there’s just too many! Here, that won’t be a problem.

Last season, T.O. had some emotional moments with his family, fought with his “publicists,”  and had an on and off relationship with a girl named Kari who seemed liked a nice girl. The season ended with T.O. feeling a little more connected to his kids and he proposed to Kari who apparently said no.

This season:

…the 37-year-old finds himself out of football altogether — possible permanently — after an off-season knee surgery. Suddenly, The T.O. Show might have the makings of some real reality drama as the preening jock stares into the abyss and tries to navigate an uncertain financial future. In the first half of the trailer for the new season, which you can view below, Owens is subdued, emotional, and whenever possible, shirtless and sweaty. But as Owens says, “You can’t keep a good man down,” and his time recuperating in sunny Miami with the trio of strong-willed women who help run his life ultimately devolves into the kind of circus that one who’s watched his playing career would expect.


From the trailer, T.O. is VERY concerned about money. I hope this man isn’t broke. My goodness.

Anyway, I’ll meet you here on the blog tomorrow at 9:30 if you want to follow my liveblog and interact with each other in the comments section.




Chad Johnson Better Player Than Ochocinco? Plus Did Ochocinco and Owens Deliberately Ruin Plays?

If you haven’t heard by now, or don’t give a damn, Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Chad Johnson.  Chris Good takes a quick look at the WR’s stats and writes in The Atlantic that the name change might be good because he was better before changing his name.

Comparing the two can be tricky. For one down year (2008), the two men coexisted before the transformation was complete: Johnson legally became Ochocinco in August 2008, but he continued to wear “Johnson” for the 2008 season. He didn’t wear “Ochocinco” until the 2009 season, after the NFL gave him permission. Out of fairness to the two, we can probably throw out the 2008 season.

By nearly every statistical measure, Chad Johnson outperformed Chad Ochocinco, even counting Johnson’s rookie 2001 season, in which his stats were low. Johnson played eight NFL seasons; Ochocinco has played two. Neither man has played for any team other than the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson outperformed Ochocinco, per season on average, by .4 games played, 10.4 catches, 256 yards, 1.2 yards per catch, 13.3 yards per game, and .5 TDS. His season-longest catches went for 18.1 more yards. If he switches back, maybe #85 will return to form.

I thought this was a cute article, however, one key thing is missing-Chad Ochocinco is a few years older than Chad Johnson and that makes a big difference in production.

After thinking about Chad’s stats and production, Bengals QB Carson Palmer’s attempt to demand a trade, and TO’s claims that the Bengals need to pass more, I was inspired to look more closely at the Bengals offensive numbers.

Palmer completed 382 of 586 passes for 3,970 yards. His passer rating was 82.4. This is down from his 2009 rating of 83.6, a season in which he also played all 16 games of the regular season.

All three Bengals primary receivers were fairly productive, in particular RB Cedric Benson who quietly rushed for over 1,000 yards.  Sidebar: Benson is a free agent and rumor has it that the Bengals are ready to let him walk.

Surprisingly, Ochocinco and Wide Receiver Terrell Owens accounted for a mere 141 of Palmer’s 382 completions and a little over 1800 of those almost 4000 yards, which lets me know Palmer continues to spread the ball among receivers whether by choice or by force.

On the defensive end, like many teams, Cincy suffered some key injuries. Mostly their pass rush was affected, but their defense still ended the season at #15 in the league (ahead of the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts).

Since at least 8 or 9 of the Bengals 12 losses were within a margin of 7 points, I think you can point many of their losses to mistakes in key moments and faulty execution on offense.

Speaking of which…according to Bengals coaches have complained that many of Palmer’s incompletions can be attributed to Ochocinco and Owens routinely breaking off routes. Given both Ochocinco and Owens’ penchant for “doing their own thing,” this isn’t hard to believe. It explains some of the 20 interceptions that Palmer threw as well as some of the 224 incompletions.

How many? I have no idea. But those comments pretty much ensure neither receiver will return to the team in 2011 regardless of whether Palmer has already played his best football and has contributed to the problem.

Cincy owner Mike Brown has said unequivocally that Palmer will not get his wish to be traded. I expect Ochocinco to end up with the Raiders now that Hue Jackson will be head coach. As for Terrell Owens’ future, does anyone really give a damn?

Thoughts on the Bengals? Why do they suck? Should Palmer be traded? Where will the two divas end up?


Freddie Mitchell Says He was “Blackballed” Because of McNabb. Fail.

Boy stop

I’ve made no secrets that the Philadelphia Eagles are my team. (Full Disclosure: I have been both an Atlanta Falcons fan and a Philadelphia Eagles fan since I was 10). I was living in Philadelphia when Freddie Mitchell “played” for the Eagles so this makes his most recent comments all the more annoying.

He has stated that he believes he was blackballed due to comments he made about McNabb. I found this claim so ridiculous that I went back and reread it to ensure he wasn’t just announcing to the public that he has balls and they are, in fact, black.

Mitchell let the arrows fly in a conversation Wednesday morning, and dived unabashed into his feelings about McNabb in the quarterback’s lone Super Bowl appearance.

“I respect both Coach Reid and Coach Shanahan — they have two total different coaching theories,” Mitchell said. “I can only wonder what would have happened in the Super Bowl if Reid stepped up and said, ‘You know what? You’re playing like [expletive], you’re benched.’ I don’t know many coaches that have the balls to do that. He was playing like [expletive] and he should have been benched. … And don’t say he doesn’t have a record of this; he did the same thing in every single championship game.”

The backup, for the record, was Koy Detmer.

These are very interesting comments coming from Mitchell especially since McNabb has always spoken highly of Mr. “I-want-to-thank-my-hands-for-being-so-great” and the fact that Mitchell wasn’t even a starter for much of his time with the Eagles.

Always a class act, Terrell Owens decided to pile on McNabb as well.

Owens also referenced McNabb’s shortcomings in the Super Bowl on The T.Ocho ShowTuesday night.

“Well, I don’t really want to start anything, but I did play in the Super Bowl and there were rumors where he couldn’t get our two-minute offense going at the end of the game. I’m just saying,” said Owens.

Do I have to point out how many things are wrong with what he just said?


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