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Floyd Mayweather Wants Adrien Broner to Act More Professional

I don’t pay attention to boxing the way I used to but I still consider myself a fan of the sport. Adrien Broner fascinates me because I can’t quite figure him out. Sure, lots of boxers are wild and crazy but Broner seems to take it to new heights.  Is he just young and having fun? Is his mental jar missing some marbles? Is he pretending to be someone he’s not by trying to outdo his “mentor” Floyd Mayweather? Or, is it some combo of all of the above? 

Broner stopped by The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago (yes, I’ve had this post in my queue for a while, so!), and talked about his outrageous reputation. He mentions that Mayweather has pulled him aside and told him to be more professional and start cleaning up his act. If it were me, and Mayweather (of all people) told me I was doing too much, I’d reevaluate my behavior. But not Broner. Broner says he understand what his “big brother” is saying but he has no plans on changing any time soon.

He also shares some interesting views about women and dating and his tryst(s) with his last opponents ex girlfriend. 


Speaking of Money May, he definitely seemed more “subdued” when he stopped by the same show separately.


Video: Eagles RB Lesean McCoy is Ratchet and I want to Be His Friend

The 2nd best RB in the league had a rough off season image-wise and he stopped by the Breakfast club and addressed it all. From the very public twitter argument he had with the mother of his only son in which she accused him of having herpes (he swears that’s not true) and a small penis (says he’s gotten no complaints) and attempting to get a penile implant (couldn’t figure out if that was a no or not). He also talks about being accused of assaulting a woman on a party bus.

What I gathered from this interview is that Lesean and I could definitely hang out.

Oh and he also gives his opinion on the Eagles QB situation. Currently, Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley are competing for the starting role. And like Desean Jackson, Lesean remains in Vick’s corner. No surprise there.



Deathrow’s Suge Knight And His Lengthy Jheri Played Defensive End at UNLV

I couldn’t resist a chance to post on this glorious photo Sports Illustrated dug up for their post on famous alumni of March Madness schools. As you can see from the photo, Knight and his jheri curl played defensive end at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Via Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard

Knight was good enough to make training camp for the LA Rams but was cut before he ever played a game. But apparently he returned as a replacement player during the strike of 1987. I wonder what year he cut that curl off though.

You can view SI’s complete ratings of famous alumni here. I was offended that Bob Sager, an alum of my my alma mater, Temple University didn’t rate higher. A few folks said Bill Cosby should have been chosen instead of Saget. If so, he deserved #1. Still Saget is pretty cool. He had us all thinking he was some dopey goody two shoes on Full House, but in reality he’s a caustic potty mouth. GO OWLS.



I regret not going to see the RGIII Projection last night

Had I known Adidas and the city of Washington DC was really going to kill the 74 foot projection of rookie Redskins QB Robert Griffin III I’d have ventured down the street to see it. Sadly, I live on Pennsylvania Avenue and was still too lazy to go. But this looks tremendous!!

As has been reported this was a way of welcoming RGIII to the city and his first home game and obviously to hype Skins fans up for a new season. The Skins welcome home luncheon was today and according to tweets RGIII got a partial standing ovation.

#RGIIIHologram LOL

No one can say Washington DC doesn’t love their Redskins.



What handsome football player did this gorgeous baby grow up to be?

I love when players share throwback pics. This one is a certain adorable Safety. Can you guess who?

[To find out which handsome NFL'er this cute baby grew up to be click Read More]


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