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The Best Chris Bosh Gif in History and some additional praise for the Miami Heat star

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Listen…I love Chris Bosh. He and Kevin Durant are my favorite two players. So of course I’m living for this NBA finals where both Bosh and Durant have been outstanding (sans Game 4 for Kevvy Kev). I have supported Bosh though corn rows, kinky twists, dreadlocks, caesar cut, crazy faces, tears and all his general zest and awesomeness. And I’m not stopping now.

True to form, when Bosh returned from his abdominal strain he immediately began to contribute. The thing I like most about Bosh is that he’s the most consistent from quarter to quarter on that team. I never question whether or not he’s doing the best he can whether he has a good game or not. This finals I am rooting for the Thunder but I was hoping Bosh would have a spate of good games and he has. Did you see that cut to the rim last night??? OH HELLO BOSH.

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Bosh gifs and pictures are popular…we all know that he has an “expressive” face. He kinda reminds me of Jim Carey. But of course all those faces he makes gives lots of fodder for blogs and whatnot. Mostly I don’t pay attention cause 1. I’m not comfortable when people make fun of his looks. I think he’s adorable. 2. He just seems like a sweet man who is a lot of fun. Not to mention well dressed, intelligent and candid.

HOWEEEVVVEERRRR this gif of Bosh had me cracking up. Look at Lebron’s face.


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