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Wedding Bells for Asante Samuel and Michael Vick; Fatherhood for Lesean McCoy

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So while you and I weren’t looking, one of my favorite football players, former Eagle-turned-Falcon CB Asante Samuel went and got married. We know this is a fact because his former teammate superduper RB Lesean McCoy tweeted this photo from said wedding.

I checked Asante’s timeline and there’s no mention of any nuptials, just Florida rap music, his label, parties in Miami, the Pacquiao fight. But we know that Samuel definitely didn’t get married for attention since he’s already expressed his disdain for those who do that.

I don’t know what that comment was about. But speaking of happy days, Michael Vick is getting married this Saturday. Kudos to him for making time in the midst of the lead up to inspire others with his story at the rookie symposium today. I’m curious to see which Eagles will attend the ceremony. My first guess would be McCoy, Todd Herremans and Desean Jackson but that’s just a wild estimation. I’m sure there will be a press release and wedding photos fed to all the blogs, so we should have answer soon.

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Over the past few years, athletes have really gotten into the “promote your wedding” trend. San Diego Chargers Antonio Gates’ wedding was covered by TMZ. I expect Vick’s wedding to get a mention there as well and perhaps the full Gates treatment depending on how much coverage his camp wants.

In other Eagles news, if you care, Lesean McCoy recently had a baby and he’s been tweeting lots of fatherly photos. Good news all around.

I’ll have more on Asante later, but judging by commentary from Falcons OTAs Samuel is making quite the impression on Falcons teammates and staff both from a personality standpoint and on the field. One upside to his “feast or famine” playing style is that he’s not reliant on coaching instruction or scheme to make decisions. I’m expecting  Samuel to make a huge contribution immediately and to get better as Mike Nolan’s philosophies become more understood by the defense.

Hat tip to Twyltezne for hipping me to Samuel’s nuptials.



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