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Former Eagle Freddie Mitchell Appears on Millionaire Matchmaker-Regrettably Hits Every Stereotype About Athletes

Posted by J Dan in Freddie Mitchell, Player Profile, Retired Players

The television show Millionaire Matchmaker ended this season with an appearance by Former Philadelphia Eagle Freddie Mitchell. According to Bravo’s storyline, since leaving the Eagles Mitchell has been working as a venture capitalist (really?), is currently considering a return to the NFL (huh?), and is looking for love after having …




Freddie Mitchell Says He was “Blackballed” Because of McNabb. Fail.

Posted by J Dan in Donovan McNabb, Freddie Mitchell, NFC East, Philadelphia Eagles, Terrell Owens

Boy stop

I’ve made no secrets that the Philadelphia Eagles are my team. (Full Disclosure: I have been both an Atlanta Falcons fan and a Philadelphia Eagles fan since I was 10). I was living in Philadelphia when Freddie Mitchell “played” for the Eagles so this makes his most …


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