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Outrage Over Justin Combs Scholarship Proves Folks Don’t Know Jack About Getting to the Money

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UCLA definitely had marketing in mind when it gave an athletic scholarship to a gabillionaire’s son, but I doubt the university ever thought the decision would get quite this much attention. Some people wanted the scholarship UCLA awarded to Justin Combs, son of Puff Daddy/Diddy/Sean Combs to be revoked since Forbes estimates his worth at 550 million. Others said the push to revoke Combs’ scholarship was born of racism or plain old jealousy and resentment.

I think the real issue is that despite us Americans wanting badly to be rich and successful, we still don’t understand how such people operate.

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The Combs family isn’t taking something from UCLA or from other prospective athletes. This whole thing has been an exercise in UCLA trying to get something out of the Combs family. And the most efficient way to do it is to build a relationship through Justin by giving him one of the few experiences his rich daddy can’t personally provide him with.  In other words, Justin got this opportunity in large part because of who his father is. If Diddy plays this like I suspect UCLA would want, they’re going to get a whole lot more than the 200K in resources they’re currently slated to provide to his son. Diddy has already professed that UCLA signing Justin was one of the proudest moments of his life.


Long story short, people need to hop off the soapbox. People are plenty jealous of rich people and Lord knows people are plenty racist, but the outrage at Justin’s scholarship seems indicative of class naivete more than anything else.

Meanwhile UCLA is jamming to this as they seek to rebuild their football program.


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