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Offsides: I’m Tired of putting R&B Songs into Garage Band and cutting out the rap part

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I just want to let singers know that I’m frustrated by them putting rappers on songs where they serve no purpose. I know that R&B sales have been down for ages and hip hop draws people in but rap verses can make otherwise well executed songs frustrating trash.

For example, the movie “Think Like A Man” has two stand out songs. The first one is the theme “Think Like A Man” by Jennifer Hudson Ne-Yo and, for whatever reason, RICK ROSS (Ricky Rozay?).  I hated on this song at first cause the whole concept of “act like a woman/lady and think like a man” is dumb. But the song knocks. Unfortunately, Rick Ross’ verse completely disrupts the song and I don’t even know what he’s talking about.

The other song on the soundtrack “Tonight” by John Legend is one of my favorite R&B tunes to come out in a while. But right there smack dab in the middle of Legend’s melodic sex monster is an unnecessary verse by resident hip hop perv Ludacris. Apparently, if any song is sex-related Luda is the go-to choice. Here, he just ruins the grind. They could have at least put him at the beginning so you could just start the song at a later mark.

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This disturbing trend has been popping up for a while.  Miguel’s “All I Want” (though J. Cole does a fine job his presence was just unneeded) was a clear example of a song that stood out on its own without a rapper. And, as hokey as it is, Usher’s “Daddy’s Home” didn’t need its galloping rhythm halted by Plies rapping about licking Kool Aid off some presumably large woman’s fat toes. Talk about halting a body roll in progress (link NSFW).

At one time, rap verses sorta made sense on R&B songs. Think: Best of Me by Mya featuring Jay-z or pretty much every collabo that Lil Mo and Fab did back in the day. Fab, in particular, has an uncanny way of actually rapping about whatever the song is about rather than going off on some tangent about how he is the greatest or whatever pops into mind. He almost always justified being a guest on an R&B song. I can generally say the same thing about T.I. and Lil Wayne. In fact,  Shooter by Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne is a great example of a winning combination.  The song was so well done that I couldn’t tell if it was Wayne featuring Robin or Robin featuring Wayne. But for every winning Wayne collabo there’s something like Keri Hilson’s “Turning Me On” remix.

So basically more often than not I just end up getting pissed off and wondering why rap had to mess up a perfectly good song. I feel like a grandma saying that but it’s true.



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