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T.O. Wins the Book of World Records Honor for “Loneliest Workout Ever”

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When I heard that former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens was holding a workout for teams to come and view his newly healed knee, my first thought was “oh okay…wait…that’s not how that works.” See, if a team is even mildy interested in you, they will invite YOU to THEIR facility to workout in drills THEY would like to see YOU do.

For whatever reason, NFL network decided to air the workout and then interview T.O. after. You know this by now, but not even one team showed up to see T.O.’s lonely ass work out. Bucky Johnson reviewed the workout and gave both the positives and negatives:

» Owens displayed balance and body control while running a 20-yard shuttle. He easily touched the line while changing directions and showed a little burst on the finish. His unofficial time (4.26 according to my watch) would rank near the middle of the pack among NFL Scouting Combine participants in 2011. It should be noted that Owens might not have trained for the shuttle drills like draft hopefuls, but the time provides a bit of a measuring stick for evaluators looking to gauge his explosiveness.

» He didn’t look good running through the three-cone drill. He was slow in and out of his turns, and failed to show much of a transition burst. He didn’t really give maximum effort in the drill, and his unofficial time of 7.25 reflected his lack of burst. For comparison’s sake, the best time at last year’s combine was 6.42 by WR Jeff Maehl of Oregon.

Bucky also pointed out that T.O. isn’t a big draw for teams looking for an immediate impact. At this point in the season, there’s NO REASON to take a player you don’t think can perform right away. T.O.’s bestie Ochocinco has had now over two months to produce for his new team and it hasn’t happened yet. T.O. has traditionally struggled to connect with teammates and develop chemistry with QBs. There’s no reason to think that that will change now.

One thing’s for sure, T.O.’s body looks great. And when guys talk about it, things get really gay really quick.

Listen to the guys at NFL network talk about how Drew Rosenhaus is helping sell T.O.’s  by having his shirt off to show off “the abs, the delts…and…SMILE….everything T.O. brings to the table.” umm And then Deion Sanders tweeted that if he had T.O.’s body he’d walk around naked all the time. I couldn’t find the tweet or else I’d link it. However, I did find the tweet where Deion thought the Carolina Panthers might be a good fit for T.O.

Where has Deion been? Does Steve Smith look like he’s here for T.O.’s bullshit? I don’t know Steve Smith personally, but I highly doubt he has any interest in playing alongside T.O. Would you? Not you, Deion. I’m talking about yall? You? Not me. Hell no. I would even take it a step further and say based on my observations of Cam Newton, I don’t think he would tolerate the slightest lip from T.O. nor any breaking off routes!

You can watch the NFL network analysts try to make this lonely shit sound interesting. I can only hope that Drew and T.O. ASSUMED no teams would show up and that this was just another example of T.O. willing to embarrass himself for his reality TV show.

You can also view T.O.’s post-workout interview here. He said the goal of the workout is to end the rumors that “he’s not ready.” Problem is, readiness isn’t the largest issue going on here. It’s just one of many. And that 40 time of 7.25 may be similar to that of other veterans; however, it’s not really good to volunteer to the world that you won’t have much ability to accelerate off the line of scrimmage.

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