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My really fun interview with Philadelphia Eagles OL Evan Mathis

I actually taped this interview a few months back as the signing season was moving fast and furious. I was so glad when the Eagles resigned Evan Mathis-there was heavy interest from the Baltimore Ravens, he actually took a visit with them. Evan is super funny and talented. We talked about quite a few things including my theory on why OL men have great personalities.

Evan also talks a little bit about the concussion issue and we covered some tech stuff since Evan, although a southern guy from Alabama, is more into computers than fishing and hunting. I thought that was interesting.

Listen here or below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on itunes!

Evan Mathis - Philadelphia Eagles - More Than Football Interview from Playerperspective on Vimeo.


Interviews w. Bitch is the New Black author Helena Andrews AND NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes now on Vimeo

Just an FYI…these two interviews will also be back on itunes once the switch is complete! [Note: my side of the audio on the Helena Andrews interview is a little low. That issue has been corrected on all other podcasts. Her side is clear as day, though.] Helena gave lots of tips for writers especially as it pertains to the legwork authors have to do and how to approach writing a memoir when you KNOW people might not be happy with how they’re portrayed.

Jamie Dukes and I talked a lot about health and weightloss and his experiences trying to help former athletes and others get fit. He also talks about offensive lines and how we rate them among other things. And Warren Sapp unexpectedly crashes the interview.

NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes stops by More Than Football from Playerperspective on Vimeo.

More Than Football - Interview with Helena Andrews from Playerperspective on Vimeo.


Spurs Stephen Jackson Stops by “More Than Football” and talks about his upcoming album “Jack of All Trades”

A few weeks ago I heard Kevin Durant rap and I thought he was good. I asked my timeline if there were any other good “rapletes” and a few people replied me saying Stephen Jackson of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs who raps under the name Stak5 was really talented. So I went and listened to some of the songs off of his “What’s a lockout” mixtape and really liked what he was doing (my favorite songs on the mixtape are Say Now and Where I’m From). I could also tell he takes it seriously and it’s not just something he’s doing for fun on the side. He’s clearly passionate about it.

I was glad to have Stephen stop by the More Than Football podcast and talk about his upcoming album. We talked a lot about music, how his life inspires his rhymes, Texas influences and support among musicians, and the guest stars on his album (one of them is Kevin Durant!). Stephen also made some really thoughtful comments regarding the infamous Malice at the Palace, and talked about Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich who I mentioned has become some sort of cult hero on the internet. Bonus: I also asked him what he thought of Tony Parker getting injured in the Drake/Chris Brown fight!

If you haven’t heard the “What’s a lockout?” mixtape you can get it here.

Highlights from the interview include:

[To read highlights from the interview and listen to the audio version click Read More]



My podcast is returning and with a new name!


I’m so ready to kick up the podcast interviews again!

I think it’s clear that I have to do a better job promoting my podcast since many of my followers on twitter said they didn’t know I had one. That’s part of the reason that I wanted to redesign my web site. I wanted to put more emphasis on audio/visual. Soon, when you click on the “vlog” category across the top of my site, you will get not only any vlogs I put together but also the Vimeo upload of the podcast.

You will still be able to subscribe to the podcast on itunes HOWEVER I have to take all my old episodes off podbean  and move them to podomatic first (is this too much information?). I like to share these things just in case other bloggers are reading, I’m sure they can relate to the rigamarole. Once my podcast is re-approved by itunes I’ll put up the link. 

For season 2 the podcast returns with a new name - More Than Football (perfect name right???). I’ve expanded the scope of my interviews to include people other than those involved with football. But you know I consider myself to be the NFL’s good witch aka football fairy so there will still be heavy emphasis on the NFL  in everything I do.

[To finish reading this post and listen to my interview with Shawn Andrews click Read More]



Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott Wants YOU to Go to Super Bowl For Free

Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott

Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott Wants Kids to Pick Their Passion!

I’ve always wanted my own “tv” show and so I’m making those dreams come true on you tube. Starting this week I will be vlogging regularly and interviewing quite a few players and football journalists.

First up was Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott. Bryan is extremely talented, he plays the piano and tenor saxophone (like me!) among other instruments. He co-produced his own song called “Dedicated” as part of the relaunch of his charitable organization that helps kids pick and fund their passions.

To boot, he is giving away an ALL EXPENSE paid trip to the Super Bowl. So check out my interview with him-he’s a lot of fun. Download “Dedicated” on  itunes (which you can hear playing in the video) and visit to enter the contest. Good luck!

The “Show Your Dedication” Video Contest is an open call for people to create their own video that showcases their personal passion—for music, sports, theater, fashion, cooking, family, a career, community service, or any other hobby or interest that is the subject of their dedication.

Here’s how the contest works:
1. Produce your own ad or promotional video. Create an advertisement or promotional video (up to one minute) that showcases photos, video footage and/or natural audio of you experiencing your passion.

2. Upload your video on Visit and join by December 5, 2011 to upload your video and complete an entry form explaining your passion and what you would do with the $5,000 donation to support your passion.

3. Promote your video during General Submission voting. All video submissions will be screened and, upon approval, posted on for the general public to view and vote for their favorites. Invite your friends and family to view and vote for your video during this time. The general public will have unlimited votes during this General Submission voting period before December 5, 2011. The TeamBScott review panel will select ten finalists based on the video’s creativity, dedication to the passion and total number of votes. Ten finalists will be announced and posted on on December 20, 2011.

4. Promote your video during Finalist voting. The final winner will be selected out of ten finalists based solely on votes. So, if you make the final 10, you will need to promote, promote, promote. Ten votes will be allotted per person during this Finalist voting period. Encourage as many of your friends and family, as well as their friends and family, to view and vote for your video.

Video submissions for the contest will be accepted on October 27, and voting for videos will begin November 4. The finalist who receives the most votes by January 3, 2012 will be selected as the Show Your Dedication Video Contest Grand Prize winner. The winner will receive a Big Game Prize Package, including two tickets to the Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations. The winner will also receive a donation up to $5,000 to directly support the pursuit of his/her passion and a feature in the compilation music video for the single Dedicated.

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