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Offsides: Disgusting Men on Dating Sites Think Women Should Take Whatever Creep They Can Get

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I am not an online dater. I tried it one time back in 2005 and it was a terrible experience. It’s much much better for me to meet a man in person and see if we have chemistry before I get my hopes up only to realize he’s nothing like I wanted. And I’m nothing like he expected either cause who can really tell what is what over the innanet anyhow?

Well apparently men are fed up with bitches like me being picky as hell requiring them to do things like take baths or spell their name correctly. According to Buzz Feed men are putting disclaimers in their dating site bios to make sure you judgmental ass ladies understand what you’re not gonna get.

From one profile:

whats up im a 23 year old man yes ima juggalo or a hardcore fan of underground music im very family oriented and im looking for a girl who can accecpt me for me and not try and change me and these are things girls have tried to change about me in the past tried to get me to quit smokin weedn ( never gonna happen ) tried to get me to drop my music ( again never gonna happen ) and tried to get me to stop drinking ( never gonna happen i love to party ) so if your not some controling bitch feel free to message me back i beleave relationships are 50 / 50 you have to give a lil to get a lil when i a woman won’t change for a man then i don’t see the point in the man even making an atempt to change
p.s im very real i don’t mess around with fake ass ppl plus sex is important but its not the most important bare in mind i am a guy so sex is in my top 3 its not number 1 but its atleast number 3 i have to feel loved when im in a relationship.

There was also another example Buzz Feed gave of a guy who was upset that folks judge them based on how they look and what they’ve accomplished so far in life. I guess we should pick a mate based on how many breadcrumbs they leave in the jelly or whether they put the toilet seat down when they vomit after too much grey goose.

I don’t date anyway.

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