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For just $275 you can have a pair of the NBA’s new Team logo 6 inch stilettos

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If Adam Aron puts a pole in Wells Fargo Center I'm buying these pronto.

In the past two years there has been an explosion in what kind of team gear is available to fans. First the NFL teamed up with Victoria Secret to make team pajamas and thongs. Then the NFL came up with a line of “outfits” for women which included homely polo shirts and outdated denim skirts with team logos perched on them. You can also now buy team customized NFL dunks (which I actually LOVE) now that Nike has taken over apparel for the NFL.

But the latest introduction to team wear takes the cake.  The NBA (and NFL and MLB apparently) have partnered up with HerStar to make “custom high-end” heels with team logos on them.

I have confused feelings about this. My first reaction is no. My second reaction is no. My third reaction is no no no. My fourth reaction is well…those Sixers heels are kind of fly! The hoodrat in me is intrigued by being able to support my team in something that actually does suit my style. All winter, on occasions when I was dressed casually, I took my Sixers sweatshirt tote everywhere. It’s not very sexy, but it’s cute and holds a lot of stuff.

I could see these heels being great for sports blogging ladies who need to take a photo in team gear. If you look closely at my background on this blog you can see that I have on an Eagles shirt. But beyond that it’s hard to wrap my mind around where else I’d be inclined to wear sparkly stiletto heels adorned with crystals that are also SIX inches high…unless the new Sixers owners install a pole at Wells Fargo. Hey Adam Aron, is that something you’ve considered?

Meanwhile, my hilarious friend Princey wonders what the women who can’t walk in these heels will do?

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