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About has covered sports with wit and ardor since 2010.  The site is owned by Jessica Danielle who skillfully examines all the major players in professional sports from players and agents to union leadership and the media. The site aims to deliver compelling sports commentary and emphasize the “human” side of sports—in particular, professional football. Playerperspective also puts particular emphasis on explaining the player’s perspective in business and on the field and courts.

Complete Bio for J Danielle 

Jessica Danielle—better known as J Danielle—is the creator of A sports fanatic who delivers compelling stories with the finesse of a veteran journalist J Danielle has held a number of different positions in the political realm. At different times she worked for former Governor Ed Rendell’s gubernatorial campaign, acted as a relationship manager for world renowned thinker Jeremy Rifkin, and a speechwriter and spokesperson for high-level executives, political appointees and celebrities including the musician Wyclef Jean.

Though her political writing and quotes have been featured in publications throughout the world, J Danielle retained a deep interest in writing about sports. She started PlayerPerspective in November of 2010 to share more stories that addressed the “human side” of sports—in particular, professional football. “At the time, I felt that many blogs and publications seem to almost hold the players they covered in contempt,” she said. “I wanted to bring fair analysis to the table and to help people understand what it takes for these athletes to compete at a high level especially in one of the toughest sports.” The focus of the site has since expanded and now J Danielle uses PlayerPerspective to examine all of the major players involved in all sports-from agents and union reps to owners, executives and the sports media.

J Danielle’s work continues to draw national media attention. She has been featured on a variety of media outlets to talk about sports issues of the day. She has been quoted on’s sports page and has been a featured guest on national radio programs such as “The Morning Report with Dan Kennedy,” “Zito & Garrett,” “The Morning After,” the “Ryan and Tyler featuring Jessica Chandler” morning show, and “The Vennie Penn Project.” She has also interviewed a wide range of the NFL’s top athletes and personalities such as Jamie Dukes of NFL Network, former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson, and Buffalo Bills safety, Bryan Scott.

Ultimately, J Danielle would like to use PlayerPerspective as a platform for her own radio and television show. J Danielle says “I think there is still a lot of room in the sports sphere for a fresh and knowledgeable Black female voice.”

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