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Footage of a 17 year old Baby Faced Durant right before he went to Texas

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At 23 years old Oklahoma Thunder’s Kevin Durant still has a baby face so in this video of him when he was 17 he looks like an infant! Anyway, someone on the innerwebs dug up this video of Kevin at Seat Pleasant Recreational Center in MD. In the video, you can already see Kevin showing signs of that accessible and cautiously candid personality we in the media and blogophere are always praising him for.

The highlights of the video are Kevin talking about how he used to cry when his coach made him run hills for not playing well. There was an additional penalty (doubling the amount of times he had to run up and back) if his mom came and watched him do it. I guess coach was trying to make him a little more independent of her.

Toward the end of the video they talk about Kevin being affected by the age rule in the NBA and he gives his thoughts on it. Sidebar: later, in his 35th hour series, he credits his one year in college with allowing him to come into his own away from his family.

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