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Woman Says She’s Selling Nude Photos of T.O. Because He Stopped Skyping With Her

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Let me just say first of all I’m not *entirely* convinced that T.O. isn’t behind this. However, I’m leaning toward this being a true story first because I don’t see how this would help him unless he really believes the photos are worth  a lot of $$ and secondly because I know that athletes do this kind of thing. That thing where they skype with or talk to or fly out a woman, have whatever fun they want and then cut off contact completely even going so far as to pretend not to know them. That’s what this anonymous woman says happen to her. She said once T.O. got back with his girlfriend when she’d skype message him he’d say “who is this?”

Well if she ain’t nothing but a hoochie mama (her email address matches that of an escort service) there’s no way she’s going to take this abuse lying down-not with screen caps and publications readily willing to be used to help her make some weird point to T.O. I say the point is weird cause no one but no one knows consequences better than Terrell Owens. He’s been stripped of everything-money, career, dignity-and now privacy.

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If you haven’t read it already, this profile over at Grantland on Terrell Owens is a pretty powerful long read. Even if you’re never heard of T.O. I think it’s enjoyable. Plus there was the GQ profile of T.O. in which he finally came clean about all the rumors dogging him. It was a thoughtful piece that had me a tad bit teary eyed from the jump when T.O. can’t even find someone to bowl with.

I do have somewhat of a bone to pick here. Dan Gross at gives the details from a meeting with the woman and states that the woman asked that her identity be protected. And I get that anonymity is needed for the sake of sourcing in journalism. But this isn’t about weapons of mass destruction or wall street corruption. This woman isn’t saving anyone or helping anything, so why should she have the luxury of violating someone’s privacy anonymously?

I’m also wondering if T.O. wouldn’t have a lawsuit against any site that publishes these photos assuming he was screencapped/recorded without his knowledge. And, again, assuming he’s not behind this whole thing.







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