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Late Pass: Me Chatting Over at The Classical About Kate Upton

I can’t believe I never posted on this before! I’m so bad. So very bad.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a chance to chat with Kate Perkins over The Classical about the Notorious K.A.T.E, the Victoria Secret model who allegedly dated New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez which caused her star to rise among the sports blogosphere. Over the past year she has been all the rage among a certain set. Well, let’s be honest, white dudes. Cause who else controls the sports digital media?

So…Kate and I chatted about what it all means. Why is Kate a meme?

Some people took offense to the post either claiming I was racist or we were hating etc etc.

An excerpt:

JD: Oh, yeah…my tweet about the white-bro meme. Basically, it goes back to the “blank slate” thing. The undercurrent in sports talk regarding women is “ZOMG I’d love to have a hot chick I can take around the guys who’s down for anything,” and under that undercurrent is not presenting a challenge. So when white dude says “dance for me Kate” and she’s obviously wearing the tiniest bikini ever and can’t dance a lick she’s like “Okay!” and not “Well … can I put some pants on first?”

I called this a White Male thing because white dudes run the sports blogosphere so they decide who’s hot and who’s not. As soon as I tweeted my comment, some white dudes immediately replied me assuming I was “hating” on Kate cause she’s hot. I mean, there are lots of hot girls. I was just saying her rise has its reasons just like anyone else. Plus there’s this crazy obsession with boobs and blond hair that black guys don’t obsess about so much. They’re more into length of hair and big bottoms. So … Kate might not be quite as appealing to them.

To clarify, yes I am a racist. Cause apparently any time you bring up race that automatically qualifies you as a racist. So let’s just assume I’m racist and move on from that.

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I (and Playerperspective) Am Using Pinterest

After deleting my google plus page because, well, because I didn’t see what I was getting out of it, I declared that I do not have time to nurture any more social networks. Well, apparently, that was a lie because I’ve joined Pinterest. I’m planning to have some fun with it. From what I’m reading it’s a great way to connect with a broader audience. Thus far, it definitely seems more useful than google plus.

In addition to pinning the bulk of my posts, which if you’re a regular reader this can either be a convenient way to keep up or just another annoyance, I’ll also be posting sports related articles and then some personal likes too.

I’m here:


Roddy White thinks Roger Goodell makes too much money

Details about Roger Goodell’s new contract that makes him NFL commissioner through March of 2019 continue to emerge. Today media outlets like Pro Football Talk reporters that Goodell would be making around 20 million dollars by the end of the decade. In Atlanta Falcons’ WR Roddy White’s mind that is way too much. When he saw the salary report he tweeted:

“How in the hell can u pay a man this much money that cant run tackle or catch”

This is funny to me because it’s so rare for ANYONE, especially an athlete, to question how much executives make or to frame the conversation such that the players are more important than the executives. It almost never happens. I don’t think White is even aware of the fact that he said something extraordinary. I think White is more irreverent than he is smart. Were he not, he would have phrased his opinion differently. That doesn’t make his core point ‘wrong’ just unsupported.

Personally, I think we should question executive pay a lot more often. The entire lockout was a result of people who had a lot of money wanting even more. How much is too much was never fully discussed on the side of executives but talked about ad nauseam as it pertains to players. Executives always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their salaries. There’s a presumption of genius there that is disturbing.

To speak to  Goodell, I do think his salary is a nod to how much he will have to contend with going forward as well as how much the league has grown under his tenure. Whether we like it or not, Goodell is going to maintain oversight of major changes to the game we all know and love. The dozens of lawsuits that have been filed thus far demand that he does. He is going to have a lot of work on his hands and his influence over the next phrase of the game will be much bigger than any players’.

Notice I decided not to make any jokees about White’s inability to run or catch during the Falcons’ wildcard game. My restraint is high today for some odd reason.






Randy Moss announces on ustream that he would like to return to the NFL

Today is Randy Moss’ 35th birthday and as a special treat he got on Ustream for a little over an hour and answered questions live. I would tell you to go to his channel and watch it; however, it appears that he didn’t record today’s session.

During the course of the live conversation he said that he definitely wants to return to the NFL, and that he’s praying that he finds a team. He cautioned everyone watching-all of whom he accused of not being real Moss fans and only watching to subsequently hype his return-that there’s no guarantee that he will find a team-particularly, the right team to play for.

He also touched on his relationship with late Patriots owner Myra Kraft and said that when he signed with the Patriots she welcomed him “with open arms” and told him that if they didn’t believe he could do great things they wouldn’t have brought him there to begin with. On growing out his hair he said he wouldn’t be rocking long hair again because he’s “35 and it’s time for a change.”

I think that’s mostly what I caught in between being mesmerized by the man’s accent which he said no one ever compliments him on. As an accent buff I’m surprised!

When Moss first retired I wrote this piece about him complimenting him on his authentic eccentricity. Speaking of which, Terrell Owens has a similar thing going and also would like to return to the NFL but is so far undesired. I couldn’t even begin to guess whether Moss will have better luck re-entering the NFL than Owens since-and I hate to say it-that eccentricity (to put it kindly) creates a valid concern about the likelihood they will interfere with team chemistry.

What do y’all think? Will he find a new team? What team?





Change Is Good — My New Twitter Account, You Tube, Podcast Etc.

Light hair? Not anymore. Change change change change!

I’m obsessed with change.

I love newness…new people, new things, new surroundings.

No surprise that my love for newness spills over to the social web. That means I have lots of new things going on.

First of all, I am deleting my old twitter page which is now at “nflgoodwitch.” I started the account over 2 years ago because I was having surgery and needed something to do while lying in bed for 6 weeks. Since then, I amassed over 5K followers which sounds like a lot but really isn’t when you consider 84 million folks (or more??) use twitter.

I think what’s more important than quantity of followers is quality. When most of my followers started following my personal account they did so cause I was pretty irreverent and free spirited with my tweets. I’m not as much now, though I could never tone down all the way…but things have definitely changed. And now, I’d like to get a real gauge of who’s interested in my work.

I thought the best way to do that was to start my account over. If you haven’t noticed the longer twitter has been around the less amounts of followers really determine influence. Some folks are just voyeurs and other accounts are dead (not spam) and twitter hasn’t deleted them. No reason to keep a high follower account just so it looks like you’re somebody. Besides, like Jesse, I AM SOMEBODY.

I also restarted my you tube account, and I now have a podcast version of all my videos. The links are below, but you know you can always find me by clicking the social media buttons on the front page. When I get my itunes link I will update this post with that info.

Last note: the web site is being designed so that it is more simple and more fitting of me as a person. I think right now this design is a little “faceless.” So I’m excited to reframe pretty much everything.

Thanks for reading!


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