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Season 3 Premiere of the T.O. Show- Live Blog


(Former?) NFL Star Terrell Owens

I’m ready for the show…something about live blogging a 30 minute show seems wrong but whatever.


I wish they would have put LaLa’s show on AFTER T.O.’s show. But they clearly needed a “lead-in.” They’re not going to trick me into watching. Heck no.


“My best friends know me as Terrell, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.” This just doesn’t sound right at all.


Oh so this surgery is all before he allegedly tore his ACL on the set of Single Ladies.


Who fakes a seizure!!!!!! He ain’t shit for that. lol


Terrell is 37, why is “retire” such a bad word??


Hmm this is starting off slow with him having surgery on his knee. I’m starting to realize I don’t care about T.O. unless he’s crying.


All this money T.O. has made and he wants to still play football? I guess I’m lost.

National Football League Salaries

NFL Player Salaries - Terrell Owens

2008 Dallas Cowboys $ 830,000 $ 12,900,000 $ 5,723,228 $ 13,731,560 Wide Receiver
2006 Dallas Cowboys $ 5,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 6,667,766 $ 10,001,100 Wide Receiver
2004 Philadelphia Eagles $ 660,000 $ 2,300,000 $ 7,244,033 $ 9,160,700 Wide Receiver
2007 Dallas Cowboys $ 5,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 9,666,666 $ 8,000,000 Wide Receiver
2009 Buffalo Bills $ 2,250,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 6,250,000 $ 6,250,000 Wide Receiver
2003 San Francisco 49ers $ 4,200,000 $ 6,661,235 $ 4,700,000 Wide Receiver
2002 San Francisco 49ers $ 3,600,000 $ 6,111,955 $ 4,150,720 Wide Receiver
2005 Philadelphia Eagles $ 2,485,294 $ 3,118,627 $ 2,735,294 Wide Receiver
2001 San Francisco 49ers $ 477,000 $ 3,292,842 $ 2,438,235 $ 2,438,235 Wide Receiver
2000 San Francisco 49ers $ 413,000 $ 1,412,400 $ 1,825,400 $ 1,825,400 Wide Receiver



Nothing to do with the T.O. show but I just saw that Facebook is posting what you said in a status message “on this day” last year. ummmmmm


THAT KNEE holds his future. THAT KNEE holds his career. THAT KNEE THAT KNEE THAT KNEE — Kita


Doctor is drilling through his bone. This is such an awful reminder of how football players are like Humpty Dumpty. They’re just constantly getting put together again and again and again. Kind of scary to think about.


So Terrell calls Kari (the ex who turned down his engagement proposal) to come see him. I don’t understand these kinds of relationships. Also, I thought they were going to show why she turned him down. Well, I think it’s obvious why…but if you’re gonna fly to see a guy at the drop of a dime might as well be with him.


Terrell says he doesn’t smile much…maybe he’s too busy:



Kari is beautiful! But she flies to see a man cause he texted her? He wouldn’t even pick up the phone? I guess this is what some women are willing to do. womp


“you probably think I’m crazy that I’m a grown man and still acting like I’m 25.” Well…yeah. People have been saying that for years. Glad he knows it…I guess?


I truly don’t understand what is going on with T.O. financially????????  lmao @ him falling out of the chair when the guy proposes to Kita with that big ring.


Looks like T.O. will be crying quite a bit, this will keep me interested. I want to know who stole from him and how much!


Virtual Livingroom: Join My LiveBlog of the Terrell Owens Show Tomorrow at 9:30pm

Terrell Owens may or may not play football again. I don’t care one bit. But I must admit his show is pretty good, and since it’s marginally sports related I can justify covering it on the blog. And by covering it, I mean being making sarcastic comments and judging his every word and action.

Typically, I would livetweet the show (which I did last season!) but rather than fill up twitter timelines, I figure I will just take take care of it in my own space. What’s the point in paying for this bandwidth if I don’t use it to the fullest.

I think it will be fun to still watch it with other people, I always get lots of replies on twitter when I livetweet and I can never retweet them all because there’s just too many! Here, that won’t be a problem.

Last season, T.O. had some emotional moments with his family, fought with his “publicists,”  and had an on and off relationship with a girl named Kari who seemed liked a nice girl. The season ended with T.O. feeling a little more connected to his kids and he proposed to Kari who apparently said no.

This season:

…the 37-year-old finds himself out of football altogether — possible permanently — after an off-season knee surgery. Suddenly, The T.O. Show might have the makings of some real reality drama as the preening jock stares into the abyss and tries to navigate an uncertain financial future. In the first half of the trailer for the new season, which you can view below, Owens is subdued, emotional, and whenever possible, shirtless and sweaty. But as Owens says, “You can’t keep a good man down,” and his time recuperating in sunny Miami with the trio of strong-willed women who help run his life ultimately devolves into the kind of circus that one who’s watched his playing career would expect.


From the trailer, T.O. is VERY concerned about money. I hope this man isn’t broke. My goodness.

Anyway, I’ll meet you here on the blog tomorrow at 9:30 if you want to follow my liveblog and interact with each other in the comments section.



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