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Quick Thoughts on Sports Teams Ladies Nights and Pink Jerseys

So the other night, the Houston Astros tweeted about their ladies night and got a huge negative reaction from many women.

If you go look at the tweet and the reactions there are many women who are upset by the implication that women don’t know baseball and need to learn it. I also saw many women offended at the very idea of a ladies night (whether learning is involved or not) and some of the common things that happen at such nights (cocktails, pink jerseys, giftbags, team-design manicures etc).

I definitely get why this is a sensitive subject and I’ve written about it many times. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was going to stop getting riled up when guys troll female sports fans. By now, folks should understand that women are large parts of fan bases and can retain a wealth of knowledge about sports.

Howeverrrrrrrrrr, I can’t get with the anti-ladies night crowd. I LOVE LADIES NIGHTS. I love pink jerseys, and getting balls and logos painted on my nails. I do believe that I am the target audience for a baseball ladies night especially since my baseball knowledge is VERY lacking. I would love to learn more. In fact, I googled to see when Phillies ladies night is and what it entails so that I can make sure to attend one next year.

As far as learning more about the games is concerned, educational opportunities like that are extended to women because women are more open to learning in the first place. Men are largely encouraged to pretend as though they know everything already. If men would attend these kinds of events, I’m sure that teams would hold them. Nubyjas Wilborn pointed out that teams used to hold fantasy camps for guys to come out play but that’s about as educational as you’re going to get men to go. Women on the other hand, are not ashamed to asked questions about sports which is why events like Football Camp For Her exist.

A lot of the reactions I read also alarmed me because it seemed to mirror the whole real fan vs. fake fan dynamic that is very common in male circles. As though a woman (or man, for that matter) can’t attend a sporting event as a casual fan or hell as not as fan at all. The vast majority of sports fans are fairly casual and don’t know their teams or the sport in depth despite what they may say. I don’t think that a woman going to a game or attending a team event means she has to have the roster memorized. Sporting events are entertainment, nothing more. For example, I dislike hockey but if you have a free ticket for me I’ll gas up the pinto and we can be on our way.

Admittedly, I probably don’t take some of this as serious as others. A few months ago I was tweeting about whether or not I should get a Lesean McCoy t shirt or a pink jersey and a woman tweeted me saying they need to end pink jerseys because women don’t need all that girlie crap. She argued that it makes women set apart and that all jerseys should be in the style of the team. And of course I’m all like EXCUSE YOU MADAM! What kind of terrible horrible really bad person doesn’t like pink? I almost reported her to the FBI. #WhoHurtYou

So again, I understand that women are sensitive about how female sports fans are viewed and I admit I can be sensitive too.  But ladies nights are all right with me and I hope teams continue to be inviting to all people whether they be fans or not. After all, their tax payer dollars fund teams whether they attend or not! And if ladies nights aren’t your thing, try to remember that there IS an audience for them and they deserve to attend events as well.



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