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Steven Jackson is Essence Man of the Month and RG3′s GQ Photos are Terrible

Should we star this post with the positive or the negative?

Let’s start with the negative.

GQ cannot be serious with these photos they used for RG3′s cover story. There’s more wrong here than in an episode of Honey Boo Boo.  Sheree from Real Housewives of  Atlanta had more fashions in her fashion show in which no one modeled anything than these photos have. Further, why are RG3s infamous plaits blowing like that? Did they borrow Beyonce’s wind machine? Man, I’m really disappointed.

I mean we can’t all be as perfect as my son-in-my-head Cam Newton (pictured above from his September shoot last year) but surely GQ could have done RG3 better than this!

Moving along to the positive, new Falcons RB Steven Jackson is Essence’s man of the month and I love it. If you hop over to Essence’s site there’s a video of Steven talking about maturing in all areas of his life including relationships. He says he’s 30 years old and it’s time to settle down. 


Redskins Handling of RG3 Shows Just How Far NFL Hasn’t Come

This photo is from the Washington Post. I think it sums up yesterday’s game quite effectively.

If you watched the Seahawks/Redskins wildcard contest yesterday then you saw RG3 struggling to play with only one working leg on grass that looked more like a dog park than a place where a 9 billion dollar professional sport is played. Both of those factors made yesterday’s game very painful to watch and also brought up some even more painful questions about how the Redskins handle business as well as whether the NFL has changed as much as we think.

The events of yesterday’s game had a storyline to remember — a black rookie QB who had taken the nation’s capital by storm  was appearing in a playoff game-torn LCL-and all against another black rookie QB (only the 2nd time two rookie QBs have met in the playoffs with the first time being last year). Both teams had exceeded all expectations with each one looking to break a playoff drought - the Redskins at home, the Seahawks on the road.

As the game went on with both QBs running more than they should have as their actual monster running backs played second fiddle, cleats getting stuck in disastrous turf, defensive lines getting pressure on most plays RG3 wore down with every snap until that fearful moment when his knee completely gave out. But before that,  millions of viewers watched the dust kick up in between RG3′s visits to the secret room he’d dip into to speak with his doctor, James Andrews, a surgical magician who has built a reputation of mythological proportions and never cleared his QB patient to play in the last game much less this one. If RG3 is never the same Quarterback again, these are the images that will haunt the success-starved Redskins fan base. 

If all of this sounds old school to you, you’re not alone. The NFL has made a point of emphasizing player safety whether it’s cracking down on head to head contact or taking backdoor measures to attempt to reduce the number of kickoffs. Such changes have caused many of the sport’s couch-ridden yet audaciously bloodthirsty fans to decry the sport as “getting soft.” I’ve always found those claims to be utter crap even as players often repeat the same refrain. The truth is, although the NFL may be making efforts to become less cumulatively dangerous a soft sport this is not. In fact, despite efforts to progress, the league’s proverbial cleats are stuck in shoddy sod somewhere between 1960 and 2013.

If the NFL were soft, new comers to the league wouldn’t have the same attitudes as guys who played in the 70s. RG3 was born in 90s but to hear him talk about why he played yesterday you’d think he was Ray Lewis’ peer and not young enough to be his offspring from a teenage love affair. And Mike Shanahan’s approach to decision making-including RG3′s previous concussion in which he was dazed out of his mind and still played a week later-proves that new school thinking isn’t in his written playbook or his fancy league-issued ipad.

The Redskins, unlike a lot of teams, had zero expectations put upon them coming into the playoffs, a more than capable back up QB, and every reason in the world to protect an investment that cost them dollars and draft picks to acquire. Nothing the Redskins did this year should have been more important than preserving their QB who manages to be both intelligent and charismatic, a runner and a gunner in an environment that tries to force black QBs to choose 2 and 3 and avoid 1 and 4 at all costs.

But true to the thinking of old, RG3 played in a game agains the Cowboys that Kirk Cousins, his backup, probably could have won easily with  Cowboys QB Tony Romo’s mistakes picking up whatever slack existed. With the way the Seahawks started yesterday’s game - confused, miscommunicating and unable to consistently connect, putting Cousins in when the score was 14-0 might could have saved the Skins season. But even if not, RG3 wasn’t just hurting, he was hurting the team. Only good old fashioned willful blindness would cause anyone to say different.

Admittedly, doctors and players and even coaches are often put in ridiculous predicaments when big games call for bigger decisions. There’s not one doctor, player or staff member on any team that can be accused of always making the safest or best choice when it comes to players’ fitness or health.  This isn’t a league where that is possible due to the legitimate grey areas that exist in a sport where every player is dealing with some kind of injury or condition.But when leadership can’t be relied upon to make the most obvious choice, someone should be called onto the carpet to answer for it. 



I regret not going to see the RGIII Projection last night

Had I known Adidas and the city of Washington DC was really going to kill the 74 foot projection of rookie Redskins QB Robert Griffin III I’d have ventured down the street to see it. Sadly, I live on Pennsylvania Avenue and was still too lazy to go. But this looks tremendous!!

As has been reported this was a way of welcoming RGIII to the city and his first home game and obviously to hype Skins fans up for a new season. The Skins welcome home luncheon was today and according to tweets RGIII got a partial standing ovation.

#RGIIIHologram LOL

No one can say Washington DC doesn’t love their Redskins.



Video: Robert Griffin III’s new gatorade commercial

Rookie and Washington Redskin’s QB Robert Griffin III is already off to a fast start in the marketing department (just as Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was last year). His new gatorade commercial has been released and you can watch it below.

First thing I thought of was all the people who said RGIII needs to cut his braids to establish an image. For style purposes, maybe. But for endorsement/public image purposes? No way. He is a marketer’s dream and there’s very little he can do to change that besides get injured or truly play like trash. Let’s all remember, in Michael Vick’s Atlanta Falcon days he signed a zillion endorsements with raggedy corn rows in his hair — a style that never fit his face and was considered “thuggish” by mainstream crowds [See: Iverson, Allen].

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DC Club life strikes again: Redskins Fred Davis acts as his own lawyer in bizarre assault case

Fred Davis spotted in a DC athletes' natural habitat - the club.

So Charles Robinson over at Yahoo always brings the juice even if he didn’t actually write the piece. Yesterday he tweeted this article about Fred Davis being accused of assault and harassment and acting has his own defense attorney. According to the article, Fred Davis’ girlfriend[photo on page 2 of the link] (who I have no idea if he’s still with) was his original attorney in the case but she quit in May 2011. He began representing himself in the proceedings in April 2011.

A lot of people are confused when those of us who live in DC make jokes about the affect this city’s vibrant club scene has on players who come to town. Right now, we’re also placing bets on when the Redskins new QB RGIII will host a party at Cafe Asia or when Wizards pick Brandon Beal will celebrate his birthday at Stadium. The drama that happens in clubs and restaurants around here with rappers and athletes is the stuff of legend. Remember Albert Haynesworth? Brandon Banks? Hell DC athletes have made a strip club famous.

So when I read how Davis’ drama started I wasn’t surprised:

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