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Chad Johnson’s Wife Says His Life is “Destroyed” and She’s Afraid of Him (OH REALLY?)

Dear Evelyn Lozada, Clint Eastwood has something very important to tell you.

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog further about this situation. However, Chad Johnson’s wife made a comment that really annoyed me. Tonight she will appear on ABC’s Nightline (that still comes on? I thought they cancelled it after Rihanna did that interview about Chris Brown). In the short minute or so promo clip Chad’s soon to be ex is appropriately sad and gives the typical practiced lines about headbutting her being “his choice” and how she still loves him and wishes him the best. It’s hard to even watch it without rolling your eyes if you’ve ever seen the undomesticated chimpanzee she plays on Basketball Wives. 

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NY mag covers the superficial part of being an NBA wife; interviews Vanessa Bryant who has seen plenty of wives “come and go”

View more allegedly fashionable photos of Vanessa Bryant, Alexis Welch and Kimberly Chandler on NY Mag.

I’m sure this NYmag article didn’t mean to make NBA wives sound like superficial image obsessed over-spenders but it did. I think the article was supposed to be about the importance of being fashionable when you’re married to a star and how people pay attention to that kind of thing. But it somewhat when off the rails of that topic-which is fine by me cause that made it much juicier.

The article starts off by talking about how New York Knicks Tyson Chandler heard his wife jabbering about wanting to be treated to the kind of shopping spree Julia Roberts was treated to in Pretty Woman. So Chandler decided to give his wife the film hooker experience of her dreams. I couldn’t make this up. My question was…why couldn’t see have done this with her husband’s money forever ago? Seems awkward.

Then they went on to talk about how Amar’e Stoudamire proposed to his fiancee with a HUGE diamond ring only after gallivanting around on red carpets with r&b “singer” Ciara (yes they mentioned Ciara!). They also mention the photos of the engagement and trip to Paris that Stoudamire shared on social media. Since then Stoudamire has made his best effort to show that his relationship still exists including moving her and his children to New York something that probably should have happened forever ago and attending various playoff games dressed like Aaron Neville.

Then the story switches to an interview with Vanessa Bryant who addresses the fashion topic and then leaves it in the dust.  Bryant always gives the juice. Here’s some of what she had to say:

[To read Vanessa Bryant's awesome comments and to read what I think about couples marketing themselves click Read More]



Hey girl, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is still very handsome and confident - Also a word on “diva” wide receivers

There’s this awesome parody account of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s VP pick Paul Ryan on twitter and all the tweets start out with “hey girl.” I think it’s so hilarious and have been dying to use it in the title of post. And lo and behold GQ magazine gave me a perfect excuse to do it when they posted pics of the cute caramel quarterback and Carolina Panther Cam Newton! Now yall know I love my Cammy and I’ll use any excuse to post on him.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton poses for GQ Magazine

This dude exudes charm that is beyond his 22 years.

You can read GQ’s cover story here and see other photos of Cam.

Here’s the part of the article I loved the most. I think Cam nailed the public’s hypocrisy when it comes to athletes being confident.

[To read the rest of this post and what I think of arrogant athletes and so-called "divas" click Read More]



Watch the video of Chad Johnson’s bond hearing for domestic violence arrest

As you probably already know, Chad Johnson of the Miami Dolphins was arrested on domestic violence charges yesterday. Luckily for him he was able to get in front of a judge early this morning (in some states he would have been in jail until Monday, oh the horror!). Bond was set at $2500 in a very quick hearing as you can see in the video below.

I’m interested to see how this plays out. My opinion, from Day 1, has been that their relationship isn’t real and since no one can find their paperwork for their marriage in the United States that they’re not married either. The theories of why this happened are flying. Some say it was a stunt for the couple’s reality show that went wrong. The 911 call made by the neighbor should be available soon and perhaps that will shed some insight.

[To read the rest of this post, see the bond video and the police report, click Read More]



Struggle Television: Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks’ Premiere Episode Was Boring As Hell


Dolphins CB Vontae Davis’ goofy charm may be our only hope at being entertained by a player’s personality on this season of Hard Knocks.

I’m not completely giving up on the Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks but I have to say the premiere episode was boring as hell. It started out with the QBs (Moore, Garrard, Tannenhill) and their wives talking about whatever they were talking about. Something about Matt Moore watching the bachelorette or something. I don’t know, I turned away to see Gabby Douglas and Dawn Harper’s Olympic turns. 

Next thing I saw was Braylon Edwards trying to explain why he’s not the man he keeps proving over and over that he is. In the end, as you may know, the Dolphins passed on Edwards who later signed with the Seattle Seahawks (more on the Seahawks tomorrow! I have a few things to say).

If I remember correctly cut scenes on the show do not typically air until you’ve gotten some attachment to the players during camp. That way you care about them and it’s suspenseful and heart wrenching. This episode had a cut scene of a dude we don’t know within the first 20 minutes. It felt forced and unfair. The guy they cut had no screen time before that and there was no reason to show that particular release. At that point, I knew HBO was trying too hard to make this cast of nobodies interesting. 

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