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You guys already know that I have a weekly column on Ebony has given me a great opportunity to sort of rif on topics of the day. At first, I was doing a weekly sports round up but that quickly changed to an opinion column. Of course, I’ve ALWAYS wanted my own sports column so this is a huge deal to me and I continue to be excited about it.

A few weeks ago, Brittney Fennell contacted me about an interview for an article she was working on for Ebony about black female sports bloggers. For her article, she interviewed myself, Jill Munroe from Jocks and Stiletto Jill, Syreeta Hubbard from The NFL Chick, Rob Y from Ballertainment, and Shaina Auxilly. I think the article turned out really well and it’s nice to see black women sports bloggers get some attention. Definitely visit all the blogs because there’s variety here and everyone brings something different to the table which is really cool. Jill and Syreeta have been in this game way longer than me and know much more about it. They were actually the very first female sports bloggers of any race I ever interacted with online in addition to PigskinLovingLady who Syreeta mentions in the article and Lizzslockeroom.

You can read the article here.

Only one minor quibble with the article: It states that I became interested in sports in college. Not true…I think the writer may have gotten that impression when I said I wanted to major in sports broadcasting in college. I’ve always been interested in sports, basketball and tennis in particular, and was sure, as a little girl, that I’d grow up to be Marvetta Albert. Once I got to college and HATED my comm classes I gave up on that dream which in retrospect was stupid. But I can’t complain because I love what I do now both in the political arena and the sports field. What DID happen in college though is I developed a love for football and suddenly adopted it as my primary sport

But back to the article at hand…black women are a very overlooked group in sports. I try to keep up with the black female sports writers that I know of whether it’s Rana Cash at Sporting News or Shalise  Young at the Boston Globe. The editor of the Baltimore Sun’s sports page is a black woman and Graham Watson who covers college football for Yahoo is as well. We’re not easy to find but we are out here making our mark slowly but surely.

I hope to see more good stuff from all of my fellow brown girls in the sports sphere.

Thanks for the article Brittney!

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