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Mike Tyson Goes on PTI-talks about Broadway role, Robin Givens Two Timing Ways

Mike Tyson never disappoints during interviews. Today was no different. Tyson appeared on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption and talks about his new role on Broadway, what he’ll be doing and what interested him in doing such a revealing show. Around the 4 minute mark he tells this epic story about Robin Givens sleeping with Brad Pitt during their divorce which, at that time, Mike was still “hitting it” (HIS WORDS NOT MINE).

What I love most about his upcoming turn on Broadway is that it’s totally unexpected. What a great way to expand his career and abilities. Mike Tyson is a lot of things but a one-trick-pony he is definitely not!

On a side note: As someone who grew up during the time that Mike Tyson had the bulk of his troubles (jail, ear biting) and lots of parodies of Mike (In Living Color, for example) it still startles me that he’s so intelligent and eloquent. I should be used to it by now but it’s difficult to adjust to a new perception of someone the cards seemed so stacked against.


Mike Tyson Says His Belts Are Garbage

How is that for an eye-catching headline. The former boxing champ appeared on CBS’ Sunday morning yesterday and talked about how much his priorities have changed since he was fighting. He said now he worries most about whether his kids and his family are happy.

Tyson says:

“I can say I bled for garbage,” the former heavyweight champion said. “At one time it meant a lot - when you’re just a young kid, this is everything to you. But then you realize your priorities change. And you just want your children to be happy and do nice things and that makes you happy.

I’ve been thinking of doing some “transition” posts on this blog. I think it’s obvious that a great many athletes struggle a lot when their careers are clearly coming to a close. And without the change in priorities that Tyson mentioned, it becomes really difficult for them to move on to their “next lives.”  Just something I’ve been thinking about-which is why this story caught my eye.

You can read more on Tyson’s thoughts here. I have to say I still find his bird obsession a little disturbing.

Here’s the clip about the belts:





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