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Want Me to Livetweet or LiveBlog Your Podcast or Video Cast?

I do a lot of things in blogging community right, but my biggest fail is my support of other bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. I’m not stingy with linking to other folks or praising their work, but I get so tied up in my own stuff I rarely comment in the comments sections of other folks’ blogs or listen to fellow sports bloggers’ podcasts and video casts.

But, I want to be a better digital person. I figured one way I can get myself on the right track is by offering to live tweet or live blog other people’s pod and video casts. 

I had this idea as I was listening to the PFF guys Alessandro, Austin, and Tyler talk snake drafts. I live tweeted their episode and I had fun with it. 

If you’d like me to livetweet or liveblog (my choice, not yours!) your show then leave your show in the comments and a sentence about what it is. And I’ll go check it out.

Full Disclosure: Like KD, JD is not nice, so I will give my real opinion without being rude or disrespectful. I’m obviously not going to bash anyone, but if you’re getting your Skip Bayless when you comment on sports I’m gonna side eye for sure.

I’ll also post the show to my blog with an overview in case readers want to check it out. You can see the PFF guy’s videocast below. Great stuff. I’ve embedded some of our tweets below. 






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