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Video: Eagles RB Lesean McCoy is Ratchet and I want to Be His Friend

The 2nd best RB in the league had a rough off season image-wise and he stopped by the Breakfast club and addressed it all. From the very public twitter argument he had with the mother of his only son in which she accused him of having herpes (he swears that’s not true) and a small penis (says he’s gotten no complaints) and attempting to get a penile implant (couldn’t figure out if that was a no or not). He also talks about being accused of assaulting a woman on a party bus.

What I gathered from this interview is that Lesean and I could definitely hang out.

Oh and he also gives his opinion on the Eagles QB situation. Currently, Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley are competing for the starting role. And like Desean Jackson, Lesean remains in Vick’s corner. No surprise there.



BoomKack Choreographs Lesean McCoy’s New Touch Down Dance - Do we like it?

As I wrote this headline I realized that white people probably have ZERO clue who Boomkack is and why it’s funny. I thought about whether or not to explain cause I want my white brothers and sisters to be in on the joke. But then I was like it’s probably not that important. So I’ll just leave yall with this explanation.

The following video is Diddy’s old choreography Laurieann Gibson aka Boom Kack showing Philadelphia Eagles RB a new end zone dance. Every time he does the dance hip hop dance experience will donate money to the Lesean McCoy foundation. I don’t think that Lesean has chosen a name for the dance yet, but for now I’m calling it the Shady Swipe. I like it but I’m still partial to his normal hands up body roll. As a Philly fan, I just hope I see a lot of whatever dance he does. Almost any celebration is better than punching your coach in the stomach so he has nowhere to go but up.


Wedding Bells for Asante Samuel and Michael Vick; Fatherhood for Lesean McCoy

So while you and I weren’t looking, one of my favorite football players, former Eagle-turned-Falcon CB Asante Samuel went and got married. We know this is a fact because his former teammate superduper RB Lesean McCoy tweeted this photo from said wedding.

I checked Asante’s timeline and there’s no mention of any nuptials, just Florida rap music, his label, parties in Miami, the Pacquiao fight. But we know that Samuel definitely didn’t get married for attention since he’s already expressed his disdain for those who do that.

I don’t know what that comment was about. But speaking of happy days, Michael Vick is getting married this Saturday. Kudos to him for making time in the midst of the lead up to inspire others with his story at the rookie symposium today. I’m curious to see which Eagles will attend the ceremony. My first guess would be McCoy, Todd Herremans and Desean Jackson but that’s just a wild estimation. I’m sure there will be a press release and wedding photos fed to all the blogs, so we should have answer soon.

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