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Remaining in Denial About Broncos Von Miller

Here’s hoping Broncos LB Von Miller is a good kid who just stumbled for a bit.

When draft time comes around there’s always a few players that tug on my heart strings for some reason. I then mentally baby those guys in my head and look for them to do well, almost like an imaginary mom or aunt. For example, in last year’s draft Chance Warmarck, Desmond Trufant, Eric Reid and Shamarko Thomas caught my eye. From this season on I’ll be watching to see if they do well and rooting for them all the way.

A couple years back Von Miller was one of the guys that I developed an affinity for. A big reason for that was because I really couldn’t figure him out. He didn’t appear to be particularly charming or unapproachable for that matter. He was just sort of there in his own quietly assured way. He struck me as very matter-of-fact and here for the game and not much else beyond that. On the field he was full of energy and I liked the way he played with good body control and quick instincts. Off the field he seemed soft spoken, concise and confident but almost as though he was hiding himself behind dork glasses and fashionable clothes. I also kinda liked the fact that he looks like Cedric the Entertainer could be his Daddy. LOL!

I had no reason to believe that right before this season began things would start to fall apart for him off the field and that he would begin the season suspended for 6 games. A failed drug test, a DUI, then speeding and driving on a suspended license and failing to appear in court. Last week media reported Miller’s parents would move in with him to help him get his life together. I know to a lot of people that seems silly since Miller is a grown man. But truth be told, mid-20s is a tough time (well…it was for me!) and I’m glad Miller has his parents there to support him. Not just because he’s clearly fucking up, but also because athletes who make mistakes, even ones under 25 are treated like they’re the scum of the earth forever. Parents can put things into perspective. I saw those reports as a positive thing…

But…however…NOW media is reporting that Miller tried to corrupt the urine testing process by having one of the collectors switch samples. It’s possible that the collector also conspired with other players to help them beat drug tests as well. This is a story that probably is going to have some legs because the implications for it beyond Miller’s situation could be great. But on Miller specifically, the NFL can add more games to his suspension if they deem it necessary, and if this urine collector is a fraud then it’s not impossible that Miller misses the whole season.

For now, I’m staying in denial in case my denial comes true. For now, FOR NOW, Miller is a good kid who is making some mistakes. Who among us hasn’t smoked marijuana? I haven’t…but I’ve been thinking about trying it though and I support decriminalization! Who among us hasn’t had a DUI? Well I haven’t done that either but I did drive a few times in my 20s  when I knew I was over the legal limit and felt like a blessed fool after getting home safely cause that was really stupid. Who among us hasn’t failed a drug test? Well, not me cause I don’t do drugs and no employer has ever tested me for it either. But who among us hasn’t had a speeding ticket on a suspended license?? I have definitely had a reckless driving charge though my license was current. I’m probably not helping my point but still…

When you add it all up, I think there’s still hope Miller is just a young man who hit a few bumps in the road. And that’s my thinking FOR NOW.





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