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Floyd Mayweather Wants Adrien Broner to Act More Professional

I don’t pay attention to boxing the way I used to but I still consider myself a fan of the sport. Adrien Broner fascinates me because I can’t quite figure him out. Sure, lots of boxers are wild and crazy but Broner seems to take it to new heights.  Is he just young and having fun? Is his mental jar missing some marbles? Is he pretending to be someone he’s not by trying to outdo his “mentor” Floyd Mayweather? Or, is it some combo of all of the above? 

Broner stopped by The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago (yes, I’ve had this post in my queue for a while, so!), and talked about his outrageous reputation. He mentions that Mayweather has pulled him aside and told him to be more professional and start cleaning up his act. If it were me, and Mayweather (of all people) told me I was doing too much, I’d reevaluate my behavior. But not Broner. Broner says he understand what his “big brother” is saying but he has no plans on changing any time soon.

He also shares some interesting views about women and dating and his tryst(s) with his last opponents ex girlfriend. 


Speaking of Money May, he definitely seemed more “subdued” when he stopped by the same show separately.

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