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Video of DeSean Jackson and the Boy Who Was Bullied Made me All Emo and Whatnot

Usually I don’t post stuff like this because I figure everyone has already seen it everywhere else. But, I’m posting this on the off chance that my readers haven’t seen the clip from The View episode where Philadelphia Eagles players came out to meet a boy who had been bullied at school.

Bullying is a subject I feel strongly about. Not because of this whole media and celebrity obsession with it. I’ve just always stuck up for people if I felt they were being bullied. So of course seeing this cute little boy who’s so smart and sweet be sad because kids are picking on him really made me upset

It was great of the Eagles players to do something nice for the boy, but as adults we have to start taking bullying a little more seriously. Seems like people have the attitude that it happens to every one. Everyone gets teased, sure, but bullying is different.

Plus kid bullies grow up into full asshole adults! Stopping bullying is really doing a service to society.


Bart Scott’s Mom: If He Wasn’t My Son I Would Have Been Scared Too! And Other Post-game Gems

By now everyone has seen Bart Scott’s post game interview in which he gives some classic quotes (CAN’T WAIT!) and nearly scares the bejeezes out of Sal Paolantonio.

Well Scott’s mom reacted to his interview and said she hadn’t seen him that riled up since the 242lb line backer was in high school.

After Scott said the Jets represented themselves poorly in their 45-3 loss to New England in December, he continued: “We were ready to come back and show what kind of defense, what kind of team this was, what kind of character we have. We take a lot of slack. People gave us no chance. Like we barely made it in the playoffs. We’re a good football team.”

Adams said that Paolantonio looked uncomfortable at that point. She sympathized. “If that wasn’t my son, I would I have been scared of him, too,” she said.

Scott, who talks as much, if not more, trash as any N.F.L. player, declined to further comment Monday. His mother said one of his high school football coaches called her and said he had never seen Scott that mad. (Adams had; when Scott was in high school, but not since.) The calls started pouring in after that.

She said she told her friends, “That is the Madbacker right there!” The Madbacker is Scott’s nickname, a fitting one on Sunday.

“He’s a little sensitive to certain things,” Adams said.

Funny, he doesn’t seem sensitive at all!

After watching Scott’s interview for the 50 billionth time, I decided to recap some of my favorite post game moments from this season.

Who can forget when Randy Moss decided that going forward he would only be asking questions posed by…HIMSELF.

Little did we know that that would be one of the last times he’d be interviewed after a game this season.

Then there was the press conference that Eli Manning attended alone…

And finally, I can’t forget when Terrell Owens finally admitted, the Bengals are “just…just terrible.”

Any other favorite post game moments from this year?


Peyton Hillis: Everybody Says He’s Pretty Fly…For a White Guy

Every time someone makes mention of the fact that Cleveland Browns RB Peyton Hillis will soon be the first white running back to hit 1K yards in 25 years, I think of that corny yet awesome song by the rock group Offspring: Everybody says I’m pretty fly for a white guy.

Obviously Hillis isn’t some poser…but the media is portraying him like one…like he’s some kind of outsider to be studied.

And when I found out that folks in the media actually asked Hillis what he thinks about this “accomplishment” I became even more intrigued by this coverage. I mean, what is he supposed say? Of course, he said what anyone would say, that he’s human and race shouldn’t be a factor.

Scott Petrak writes:

Hillis’ contact-seeking and fight-for-every-inch style has endeared him to Browns fans of all shapes, sizes and colors. His down-home, team-first, Cleveland-rocks attitude has increased his appeal even further.

But there’s no denying his race has helped his popularity among a segment of the fan base. You can call it close-minded or human nature, but it’s a fact that some people relate better to people who look like them.

When you put that person in a profession/position where he assumes an underdog role, the attraction grows. Sylvester Stallone made millions on the idea of the Great White Hope in boxing’s heavyweight division. The same theory would apply to a female jockey or race-car driver competing in a male-dominated world.

I agree with what he’s saying, still I think there is a slight undercurrent in the sports media of this being some sort of a victory for white players, a sort of taking back of the game. I don’t know that it’s a conscious thing. Sports-football especially-is built on nostalgia. And reminiscing back to the days of Merrill Hoge and John Riggins probably feels good to some sports journalists-especially Merrill Hodge and John Riggins.

On the other hand, if what Toby Gerhard says is true, white running backs are targets of offensive lines of questioning whether they are about to reach 1000K yards or not.

Why is his name Toby though? lol

Thanks to the guys over at Bleacher Report for linking this article by Jemele Hill two years ago about white tailbacks. Hill wrote in 2008 that there were ZERO white RB starters in the league at that time.


Inside Buffalo Bill Aaron Maybin’s Maryland Condo

Maybin got some bad news over the weekend when the Bills decided to deactivate him (fancy word for “benching”) against the Baltimore Ravens. I hope that Maybin is handling the news well and can regroup and find a way to get back on the field. Some (very) young players, especially those who leave college a little too early, really struggle to adjust. Unfortunately, time is never on the side of football players whether they’re on the bench or starting.

Anyway, the Baltimore Sun profiled the home-town kid’s (he’s from Ellicott City, Maryland) condo in their home and garden section.

Of the condo, Donna M. Owens writes:

The vibe is youthful, hip, and sexy. Practically everything is new: furnishings, paint and wall finishes, window treatments, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Even the rooftop deck and garden got a makeover, with chic outdoor furniture and landscaping that Maybin describes as “very zen.”

The condo’s primary color palette melds black, gray, scarlet and white — the latter shades a nod to Maybin’s college fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi. Pillows and other accessories in glittery silver and bright hues provide visual pops.

To view the rest of the photos, click here.


The NFL Should Have Given Players The Safety Video Before Issuing Fines

I watched the video that the NFL showed players to help them understand why a lot of them are about to be a little lighter in the pockets.

My biggest observation is that I DO understand the rules better. My 2nd biggest observation is that some players will be fined and it won’t be their fault. My 3rd observation is that I’m coming around to be okay with number 2…sort of.

I think the NFL will be challenged in getting these modern gladiators to understand what it means for a player to be “defenseless.” This is is a word players don’t like. As far as they’re concerned, if you’re on the field you’re fair game to be knocked silly. But AU CONTRAIRE MON FRERE!! Not so fast.

From the video, the NFL defines defenseless basically as a player who literally cannot defend themselves without giving up on a play. [Just to be clear these are my words, not theirs. However, since this shit can be kind of grey and this is my blog, I'mma explain it how I interpreted it. Use the comment section to disagree]

For example, if a receiver is in mid-catch, he’s defenseless because he can’t protect himself with his hands because they’re after the ball and he can’t avoid the hit with his body because it would put him out of catching range. His choice is to either avoid a hit (and look like a punk) or catch the ball and get clobbered or try to catch the ball and get clobbered before/during/after. A punter is defenseless mid-kick-obviously the only way to avoid a hit is to not kick the ball. Combine this with the fact that once a player has “committed” he may never see the other player coming in the first place. Defenseless and unbraced!



Visanthe Shiancoe Splurges on Calories to Meet His Game Weight

Minnesota Viking Visanthe Shiancoe is one of my favorite players at one of my favorite positions. Tight Ends are so versatile they’re getting lots of attention this year, and Shiancoe is earning his. A notoriously healthy eater, Shiancoe has had some trouble staying at his ideal game weight (240lbs). Minnesota’s local news caught up with Schiancoe at a steakhouse and produced this short clip.

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