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Video: Eagles RB Lesean McCoy is Ratchet and I want to Be His Friend

The 2nd best RB in the league had a rough off season image-wise and he stopped by the Breakfast club and addressed it all. From the very public twitter argument he had with the mother of his only son in which she accused him of having herpes (he swears that’s not true) and a small penis (says he’s gotten no complaints) and attempting to get a penile implant (couldn’t figure out if that was a no or not). He also talks about being accused of assaulting a woman on a party bus.

What I gathered from this interview is that Lesean and I could definitely hang out.

Oh and he also gives his opinion on the Eagles QB situation. Currently, Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley are competing for the starting role. And like Desean Jackson, Lesean remains in Vick’s corner. No surprise there.


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