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Deathrow’s Suge Knight And His Lengthy Jheri Played Defensive End at UNLV

I couldn’t resist a chance to post on this glorious photo Sports Illustrated dug up for their post on famous alumni of March Madness schools. As you can see from the photo, Knight and his jheri curl played defensive end at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Via Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard

Knight was good enough to make training camp for the LA Rams but was cut before he ever played a game. But apparently he returned as a replacement player during the strike of 1987. I wonder what year he cut that curl off though.

You can view SI’s complete ratings of famous alumni here. I was offended that Bob Sager, an alum of my my alma mater, Temple University didn’t rate higher. A few folks said Bill Cosby should have been chosen instead of Saget. If so, he deserved #1. Still Saget is pretty cool. He had us all thinking he was some dopey goody two shoes on Full House, but in reality he’s a caustic potty mouth. GO OWLS.


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