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Jalen Rose Tweets Out A List of Tips for New Draft Picks

Last night was NBA draft night and I compiled Jalen Rose’s list of tips for draftees below.
Side note: I love that ESPN is giving Jalen Rose more prominent roles (including his podcast over on Grantland).
He is a tremendous talent and I’m glad that fact is going to become more readily observed.

Draft Day Tips. You will be approached daily by people that have ideas to make them..

I mean you rich(HA!) Establish your game then be a CEO.

Draft Day Tips. Be a sponge. Learn from your Coaches & Vets on/off the floor. Longevity is the key.

Never stop training 24/7/365.

Draft Day Tips. Thank God as often as possible for making your Dream come true.

Draft Day Tips. The more versatile your game is on both ends of the floor will put you in a position

to get minutes plus have a long career.

Draft Day Tips. Show up for practices/games early. Do all of your rookie team “chores”. Be gracious to fans.

Learn the history of the NBA.

Draft Day Tip. Your family & friends by no fault of their own just got an extended entourage.

“Money & Blood don’t mix” (Biggie voice)

Draft Day Tips. No monthly retainers. Make sure anyone on your payroll only “Eat’s what they Kill”

Draft Day Tips. You have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. Respect the game & work harder than ever.

Average career lasts 4 seasons.

Draft Day Tips.

Make sure you have a quality agent & financial advisor that both will continue to work in your best interest.

Draft Day tips. In almost every case you are not only the most famous but the bread winner of the family

which can be a gift & curse.

CONGRATS to this years NBA Draft Class.

Welcome to an ELITE fraternity of 450 players that many discuss yet only a FEW can truly relate.


DC Club life strikes again: Redskins Fred Davis acts as his own lawyer in bizarre assault case

Fred Davis spotted in a DC athletes' natural habitat - the club.

So Charles Robinson over at Yahoo always brings the juice even if he didn’t actually write the piece. Yesterday he tweeted this article about Fred Davis being accused of assault and harassment and acting has his own defense attorney. According to the article, Fred Davis’ girlfriend[photo on page 2 of the link] (who I have no idea if he’s still with) was his original attorney in the case but she quit in May 2011. He began representing himself in the proceedings in April 2011.

A lot of people are confused when those of us who live in DC make jokes about the affect this city’s vibrant club scene has on players who come to town. Right now, we’re also placing bets on when the Redskins new QB RGIII will host a party at Cafe Asia or when Wizards pick Brandon Beal will celebrate his birthday at Stadium. The drama that happens in clubs and restaurants around here with rappers and athletes is the stuff of legend. Remember Albert Haynesworth? Brandon Banks? Hell DC athletes have made a strip club famous.

So when I read how Davis’ drama started I wasn’t surprised:

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Woman Says She’s Selling Nude Photos of T.O. Because He Stopped Skyping With Her


Let me just say first of all I’m not *entirely* convinced that T.O. isn’t behind this. However, I’m leaning toward this being a true story first because I don’t see how this would help him unless he really believes the photos are worth  a lot of $$ and secondly because I know that athletes do this kind of thing. That thing where they skype with or talk to or fly out a woman, have whatever fun they want and then cut off contact completely even going so far as to pretend not to know them. That’s what this anonymous woman says happen to her. She said once T.O. got back with his girlfriend when she’d skype message him he’d say “who is this?”

Well if she ain’t nothing but a hoochie mama (her email address matches that of an escort service) there’s no way she’s going to take this abuse lying down-not with screen caps and publications readily willing to be used to help her make some weird point to T.O. I say the point is weird cause no one but no one knows consequences better than Terrell Owens. He’s been stripped of everything-money, career, dignity-and now privacy.

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NFLPA Concerned Saints Are Punishing Drew Brees Due to Involvement in Lockout

How can anyone be mad at that face????

Many writers and bloggers have speculated that the reason Drew Brees was franchise tagged and has yet to get a long term deal was retaliation for his involvement in the lockout. But now, the NFLPA is worried about it too.

If you remember, Drew Brees (and Tom Brady) allowed their names to be used in the players’ case against the NFL. This was important because the image of the players was helped and the case further legitimized by having golden boys attach their names to it.

But Brees’ involvement was more than just his name. He was particularly vocal during the lockout and its meetings. He was candid with the press about his feeling that during the negotiations the NFL had no real intent of getting a deal done. In March, as the lockout was beginning,  Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated published the following quotes from Drew Brees.

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Dallas Cowboys Twitter Fires Shots at Michael Vick on His Birthday

Oh really Cowboys? I see you. IT’S ON LIKE POPCORN!!!

I’m expecting to see a whole lot of this though.

I hope Tony's hand is 100% now

The Eagles account had some fun with the comment too.



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