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I was Quoted In A Story About More Women Playing Fantasy Football

In “where you can find me news” I was recently quoted in a story about more women playing fantasy football. For the past few years outlets have been focusing more on women. That includes the NFL. They’ve made more clothing for women and teams are having ladies night and things of that nature.

Now that 40% of NFL fans are women, it makes sense that we’re taking more to Fantasy Football. There’s been an uptick in female participation over the last 2-3 years. Craig Johnson over at HLNTV asked me why. Here’s the excerpt:

“I think women are attracted to fantasy football because it’s a natural rite of passage for many fans,” said Jessica Danielle, a sports blogger who runs “Now that the female football fan base has grown it makes sense that women would take the next step and start to show their skill at picking players who will produce from week to week. Plus, money leagues appeal to the gambler in any fan,” she said.

To read the entire article head over to HLNTV. [Fantasy Football: Don't Hate the Player. Source:]


Photo Diary of over 30 Sexy NFL Players (you’re welcome)!

I’ve always felt that it was a shame basketball players showed their faces and football players were hidden behind helmets. But oh well, that’s the life we’ve been dealt. I haven’t written a post on handsome NFL players in a long time so I figured it was time for an update. Some of our favorites — Darren Sharper, Bob Sanders, Larry Johnson- are no longer playing so it’s time refocus on who’s left.

I used to do top 10 lists, but in retrospect that’s dumb. It makes more sense to update my ladies and gays with as many names and photos as I can, especially since I can’t possibly remember all of them and I don’t always pay attention to be honest. So I think that what I’ll do here is make this post an ongoing one-much like my personality glasses post. oo that reminds me, I haven’t updated that in a while either. These names are the players I can remember off hand. It’s also representative of players who have good pics on the web. There are some cuties I thought of but couldn’t find photos :( Fellas, do better!

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Fill-in Refs So Bad Fans Are Begging for Ed Hochuli to Return and Annoy Them Again

I never thought I’d see the day when everyone was begging for Ed Hochuli, the most famous referee in NFL history, to come back and do Hochuli type things. You know, wear tight shirts to show off his muscular arms, overly dramatic signals, and long explanations of simple calls and rules. Last I checked, Hochuli, though more than competent and entertaining, was on many peoples’ last nerve. 

Lest we forget: 


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Redskins WR Josh Morgan Won’t Be Disciplined for Throwing Ball at Cortland Finnegan


That’s right Josh, a Wide Receiver catches the ball he doesn’t throw it. Now you’ve got it.

Just a brief update on Redskins WR Josh Morgan who lost his cool after  Cortland Finnegan slapped him on the head. Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said he won’t punish Josh Morgan for the mistake. He also said that he didn’t even pull Josh aside to talk about it rather addressed the issue of “poise” with the entire team. 

I liked that Shanahan said this:

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Lingerie Football is Silly As Hell

Obviously, men are not going to like this post, but I’ve never written anything to get men to like me or what I do. That being said, I feel free to say that lingerie football is silly as hell! 

One thing people don’t realize until they watch lingerie football is that it’s a tackle game. That means there are actual injuries involved. It’s not a flag game as I personally believe it should be. I have no idea whether the violence of it makes men more likely to watch it than a powder puff game but I do know that playing the game that way helps the organizers and players deny what it really is - a desperate grab for attention from the male demographic. 

As in “no no, we play for real. It’s not just about a bunch of great bodies flying around.” Save it Sirs and madames. I’m not interested. 

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