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Jalen Rose Tweets Out A List of Tips for New Draft Picks

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Last night was NBA draft night and I compiled Jalen Rose’s list of tips for draftees below.
Side note: I love that ESPN is giving Jalen Rose more prominent roles (including his podcast over on Grantland).
He is a tremendous talent and I’m glad that fact is going to become more readily observed.

Draft Day Tips. You will be approached daily by people that have ideas to make them..

I mean you rich(HA!) Establish your game then be a CEO.

Draft Day Tips. Be a sponge. Learn from your Coaches & Vets on/off the floor. Longevity is the key.

Never stop training 24/7/365.

Draft Day Tips. Thank God as often as possible for making your Dream come true.

Draft Day Tips. The more versatile your game is on both ends of the floor will put you in a position

to get minutes plus have a long career.

Draft Day Tips. Show up for practices/games early. Do all of your rookie team “chores”. Be gracious to fans.

Learn the history of the NBA.

Draft Day Tip. Your family & friends by no fault of their own just got an extended entourage.

“Money & Blood don’t mix” (Biggie voice)

Draft Day Tips. No monthly retainers. Make sure anyone on your payroll only “Eat’s what they Kill”

Draft Day Tips. You have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. Respect the game & work harder than ever.

Average career lasts 4 seasons.

Draft Day Tips.

Make sure you have a quality agent & financial advisor that both will continue to work in your best interest.

Draft Day tips. In almost every case you are not only the most famous but the bread winner of the family

which can be a gift & curse.

CONGRATS to this years NBA Draft Class.

Welcome to an ELITE fraternity of 450 players that many discuss yet only a FEW can truly relate.

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