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Michael Vick Doesn’t Think He’s Injury Prone - Also Will Andy Reid Put His Foot Down?

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Diminutive QB and Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick doesn’t think he’s injury prone and isn’t particularly worried about the possibilities of future injuries. He referred to previous injuries as “flukes.”


“I don’t think I’m injury-prone at all,” Vick said. “I just had a couple of fluke injuries that happened. But it’s not something I’m worried about.”

[To find out why I think Andy Reid needs to put his foot down click Read More]

Evidence would suggest otherwise. Vick missed six starts over the last two seasons because of injuries. He has played through other ailments in both seasons, too. And he has not been able to make it through a limited number of plays in both preseason games this month, creating concerns that he is either too brittle or endures too many hits.

The whole narrative that Vick is brittle or fragile is bullshit. If he were fragile he’d probably be dead by now. Still, Vick IS injury prone though I understand he has to convince himself otherwise. Perhaps that delusion of invincibility despite some “flukes” is part of the problem.

During the preseason Vick showed that he’s no more apt to slide, get rid of the ball quickly, or roll toward the offensive line rather than away from them than he was last year or the year before that. I can stomach a QB (or any player) who has some natural deficiencies that impede them. But Vick’s problems are a result of a conscious choice he makes to do the opposite of what he’s been told and in, also, what’s he has PROMISED.

For that I don’t just blame Vick I blame head coach Andy Reid for allowing this to go on so long. I have to wonder how long can Reid watch Vick eschew fundamental things in favor of playing like an undomesticated animal before something gives. Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says Vick’s play is going to be the death of him. Unfortunately, it could also be the death of the team.

QBs like Tom Brady and Eli Manning have started 16 games in 3 straight seasons. So we know that kind of feat can be accomplished. It’s a matter of being smart. Behind the Eagles offensive line and with the kinds of receiving and rushing weapons Vick has (including himself) there’s absolutely no reason that Vick can’t right the ship.

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