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Chad Johnson’s Wife Says His Life is “Destroyed” and She’s Afraid of Him (OH REALLY?)

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Dear Evelyn Lozada, Clint Eastwood has something very important to tell you.

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog further about this situation. However, Chad Johnson’s wife made a comment that really annoyed me. Tonight she will appear on ABC’s Nightline (that still comes on? I thought they cancelled it after Rihanna did that interview about Chris Brown). In the short minute or so promo clip Chad’s soon to be ex is appropriately sad and gives the typical practiced lines about headbutting her being “his choice” and how she still loves him and wishes him the best. It’s hard to even watch it without rolling your eyes if you’ve ever seen the undomesticated chimpanzee she plays on Basketball Wives. 

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When she talks about the domestic violence incident being Chad’s choice, she says that she’s afraid of him (I’ll take her word for it I guess) and that he “destroyed” his life. Since the incident happened he was cut from the Miami Dolphins (which would have happened anyway), lost at least one endorsement and obviously has gotten some bad press. But given that this only happened a few weeks ago, isn’t it a little soon to characterize that man’s life as “destroyed?” Unless, of course, you are PLANNING to make sure it gets destroyed. 

Here is a scene from one of my favorite shows “When Animals Attack”


The reality is that even if Chad committed assault, which if he did he deserves to go through the legal paces,  public opinion is mostly on his side rather than the side of the wild banshee he married. With the right strategist Chad can rehab his off-field career and image. And if he has saved his money he can afford therapy to improve himself whether he continues to work or not. So maybe his life will be destroyed, maybe it won’t. But it’s interesting that she quickly called his life a wrap so soon. 

Mrs. Chad Johnson is the one who is irrelevant without her ex’s notoriety. And since all they do on basketball wives is fight and eat,  I don’t see why they need her to be a cast member if she’s suddenly decided to pretend she’s a decent human being. 


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