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Ladies as you’re searching for NFL gear don’t forget NFLPA shop!

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I told you guys about the NFLPA’s new shop a little while back. But I just want to remind you about it. I actually like their designs a lot better than some of the Nike and other licensed stuff. Plus, as I said before, when you order one of their items which is PERSONALIZED by the player (not by team) the player gets proceeds from it. That’s important to lesser known or lesser appreciated players who don’t typically have items in their name. 

So if you’re a fan of a random player who doesn’t even start, you can get something with his name up and kick a little cash back. Also women’s sizes go up to 2x so you don’t have to worry about wearing something too small since the cut of a lot of sports items is fairly small. For example, junk food clothing has some cute things but its sizes are based on juniors. 


I’m all over this one!


The heart tees are a great idea and I’d be all for it except there’s no number. It makes it look like a wife or girlfriend shirt rather than a fan shirt. NFLPA should update.

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