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Late Pass: Me Chatting Over at The Classical About Kate Upton

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I can’t believe I never posted on this before! I’m so bad. So very bad.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a chance to chat with Kate Perkins over The Classical about the Notorious K.A.T.E, the Victoria Secret model who allegedly dated New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez which caused her star to rise among the sports blogosphere. Over the past year she has been all the rage among a certain set. Well, let’s be honest, white dudes. Cause who else controls the sports digital media?

So…Kate and I chatted about what it all means. Why is Kate a meme?

Some people took offense to the post either claiming I was racist or we were hating etc etc.

An excerpt:

JD: Oh, yeah…my tweet about the white-bro meme. Basically, it goes back to the “blank slate” thing. The undercurrent in sports talk regarding women is “ZOMG I’d love to have a hot chick I can take around the guys who’s down for anything,” and under that undercurrent is not presenting a challenge. So when white dude says “dance for me Kate” and she’s obviously wearing the tiniest bikini ever and can’t dance a lick she’s like “Okay!” and not “Well … can I put some pants on first?”

I called this a White Male thing because white dudes run the sports blogosphere so they decide who’s hot and who’s not. As soon as I tweeted my comment, some white dudes immediately replied me assuming I was “hating” on Kate cause she’s hot. I mean, there are lots of hot girls. I was just saying her rise has its reasons just like anyone else. Plus there’s this crazy obsession with boobs and blond hair that black guys don’t obsess about so much. They’re more into length of hair and big bottoms. So … Kate might not be quite as appealing to them.

To clarify, yes I am a racist. Cause apparently any time you bring up race that automatically qualifies you as a racist. So let’s just assume I’m racist and move on from that.

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What I meant by the above line of thinking is that Kate Upton is a beneficiary of a certain demographic controlling sports digital media. It doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t “deserve” the attention, it doesn’t even mean that the attention she gets annoys me (for the record, it doesn’t). But what she exemplifies to me is the fact that other groups in digital sports media SPECIFICALLY really don’t have the power to make someone a meme.

For example, I’d love to see Michael Ealy all over the sports sites doing hot stuff like posing in a speedo.


I mean, he IS a sports fan.  But that won’t happen cause male readers would be turned off and flee. In fact, there are are men on twitter who are so horrified by nice chests revealed on social media they won’t even tweet a man with his shirt off in his avatar.  This is in direct contrast to the amount of T&A women are exposed to when they log on to your average sports broshow web property (or, really anywhere on the web!) We’ve been trained to deal with it cause it’s not going anywhere. Short: we have no say-so cause we’re not the majority.

So relax, no one was “hating” on Kate. In fact, I wasn’t even complaining. I’m used to being a minority. This was just a use of Exhibit T and A as examples of the vice grip white heterosexual males have on sports media. That should surprise umm..let’s see…NO ONE.



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