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Standing Up to Work is Changing My Life and Health

For the past few years I have suffered from severe back spasms and I’m finally getting serious about fighting them. They can be debilitating and I refuse to let it get me down. In addition to working on my core strength, I’ve decided to start standing up to work. Obviously, as a blogger, I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer and it’s really not good for your body.

I started researching stand up desks a while back and everything I saw was too expensive and didn’t fit my needs. I did find some stuff on Walmart’s web site that might work but before I ordered anything I ended up figuring out a system with a piece of  $20 “furniture” from Ikea of all places that I already owned

Just so you know, Ikea hacker has a few posts detailing how you can jury rig your own standup desk and that was also an option I considered. Just go to the site and search “stand up” and you’ll find quite a few options like this one. But thankfully, using this ended up working for me. I’m 5’4 so it’s obviously not a solution for the whole entire world. But the point is to think creatively unless you have $500 or so to throw in the air. 

Along with the Lerberg from Ikea I also use a Contour roller mouse and a Goldtouch Ergonomic keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel.  I have a blue snowball mic, a logitech web cam, a macbook pro, D-link USB hub, and Wacom graphic tablet for when I’m feeling creative. 

So far, I feel more energized when I’m working and dare I say…important? I’ve talked about my ADD diagnosis before and it’s something that I still struggle with. Standing up seems to keep me more focused and more productive. But even when I’m messing around on the web, like watching my fav you tube channels, I still stand up. 



My homemade “stand up desk.”


The best tips I’ve seen for transitioning to standing up to work are:

  • Don’t force yourself to do a whole day at once…work your way up to it
  • Walk away from the desk every hour just as you should when you sit down to work
  • Try working barefoot or in running shoes. I alternate between being barefoot, wearing my Nike frees, and my Nike comfort flip flops. No, Nike did not sponsor this post…I wish they would though! 
  • Keep your core muscles engaged as much as possible, don’t allow your body to flop or be sloppy. Keep your abs tucked, squeeze the glutes etc. 
  • Move around as much as you want. I sometimes bend my knees and squat a little, I twerk, I fidget, I dance, I do the yoga tree pose…whatever I feel. 


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