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Remember When You Used to Comment on My Blog? You Can Do That Again Now

A while back I switched from Disqus to facebook for comments on my blog. I thought it might make things a little better. Well, I don’t know why I thought that cause I’m not aware of facebook ever making anything better. NO OFFENSE to the good people at the world largest social media network.

I have heard your cries (and your deafening silence) and I’ve switched the blog back over to disqus comments. I hope that that encourages people to start commenting again. I really miss having discussions on the blog- they were often better than whatever was going on with twitter. Plus I like to discuss my posts with people who’ve read them-or at least half-way read them.

I definitely don’t miss the trolls that show up when commenting is more open but I do a pretty good job moderating those so I won’t complain.

Long story short, I miss comments like Aaron Hall missed that one girl who had clearly moved on.  ”We used to talk…and laugh all night…”

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