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TRUTH HURTS: Phil Jackson Admits He’s Done With Coaching + Says Lakers Are a Mess Right Now

If you, for some reason, were still hoping upon hopes that former Bulls/Lakers coach Phil Jackson would come out of retirement and implement the triangle for whatever team you root for, it’s not going to happen. Not that your team had a big enough star to lure him in anyway.

From the LA Times:

“Sometimes I feel I can still get out there and do it but the reality is I’m kidding myself,” Jackson said at a “Live Talks Los Angeles” event at the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Wednesday.

Jackson said he returned for one final year with the team in 2010-11 as a favor to the late Dr. Jerry Buss (and his support staff).

“When I was done I knew I was done — physically it was over,” he said. “Even though after I got a knee replacement and a prostatectomy in the last year and a half.”

So everything Jackson has done since then has been like the married man who takes his ring off to see if he’s “still got it.” Understood.

Jackson also says that the Lakers are “a mess” and in “financial disorder.” He says that  he gives ideas to girlfriend Jeanie Buss on how they can improve. Sounds fun.

[Phil Jackson is done with coaching. LA TIMES]

PS: If anyone has Tex Winter’s phone number hook a sista up. I want to meet him. He’s my idol!

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