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Fred Smoot is Answering Questions on Reddit and Acting Fred Smootish

Way before T-Pain CB Fred Smoot was ON A BOAT.

There was a time when I had a big crush on former Redskins/Vikings CB Fred Smoot (I was young then, so!!!!). Smoot never completely lived up to his potential on the field. There were moments of yeah he’s pretty damn good and many more moments of what the fuck come on now seriously.
Still, his personality has always been top notch. Smoot is probably best known for his involvement in a raunchy boat party that resulted in misdemeanor charges for some of his teammates. But according to Smoot’s reddit chat it was just a regular Tuesday for him.

He also admits to not working out very much (unless there were ladies to impress) and regrets not taking better care of himself. However, he does not regret that boring boat party where OL Bryant Mckinnie may or may not have run through a a woman’s okra patch in front of everyone. What does that mean? Read the reddit to find out.

[Fred Smoot Gets Real Fred Smooty on Reddit]






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