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The NFL Has a New Site and Guess Who’s A Contributor? Me!

I took a break from blogging and I must say it was glorious - thanks for wondering. More on why I took a break later. The point is I’m back and I have great news. 

The NFL has created a new site called the Women’s Resource Initiative to reach out to the women that affect athletes’ lives - whether it’s moms and wives/girlfriends or bloggers and female fans. The site is a spin-off from the Player Engagement site which helps connect NFL players with the many resources that the NFL makes available to them. The site for women was designed to get women to take a more active role in players’ lives and also to connect with one another. 

I think the site is a great idea and I was excited when I was asked to contribute to it. I’ll be blogging about safety rules and initiatives the NFL implements as well as interviewing former and current players about ventures off the field. I’ll go into more details about this when we’ve ironed everything out and my first post is up. But as you know, player safety and advancement are two issues that are VERY important to me and I’m happy to expand my role in the discussion around those issues. 

I know you’re probably wondering if I’ll continue to be the largely disagreeable goodwitch I’ve been for the past 2 years and a few months that this blog has been in existence. Well, the answer is HELL YES. I haven’t changed and the NFL hasn’t asked me to. If you keep up with the way that the NFL conducts business you know they’re not afraid of edge…I think the NFL actually does a better job covering itself than any other network or outlet in many cases. If I felt my ability to give my opinion freely and with my normal vigor would be compromised here or on the NFL’s official site I definitely wouldn’t have agreed to contribute to the site in any way, shape or form. 

As I said, my first contribution to the site isn’t up yet, but still please make sure you pop over and peruse the site and spread the link around. I never thought I’d see my name right beside Donovan McNabb’s mom’s, isn’t that so cool? I KNOW RIGHT! Here’s the Washington Post’s write up on the site which features a great interview with New England Patriots Vince Wilfork’s wife Bianca. 

 [LINK: NFL Player Engagement Womens Resource Initiative]




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