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Lingerie Football is Silly As Hell

Obviously, men are not going to like this post, but I’ve never written anything to get men to like me or what I do. That being said, I feel free to say that lingerie football is silly as hell! 

One thing people don’t realize until they watch lingerie football is that it’s a tackle game. That means there are actual injuries involved. It’s not a flag game as I personally believe it should be. I have no idea whether the violence of it makes men more likely to watch it than a powder puff game but I do know that playing the game that way helps the organizers and players deny what it really is - a desperate grab for attention from the male demographic. 

As in “no no, we play for real. It’s not just about a bunch of great bodies flying around.” Save it Sirs and madames. I’m not interested. 

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I‘ve heard lingerie players list a variety of reasons they play — most common answer I’ve seen is that they miss the competitiveness of a team sport. But the most common background for these women seems to be aspiring model and actress so I’m not one to avoid putting 2 and 2 together. These women want “exposure” but all most are getting  is exposed to injury. 

Professional NFL players who make from 500K to a gazillion are worried about concussions they sustained and the effect it will have on them after football. Naked women are out there getting concussions for the sake of what the fuck I do not know. I mean if you like getting physical and risking injury roller derby has made a come back. Maybe try that. 

All in all, I don’t give a damn about lingerie football because from my seat it’s silly as hell. 

I mean look at this silly ass shit. Just look at it.

And by the way, I really hate being a minority because never do we get catered to like this. I’d pay a nice chunk of change to see NFL players run around in boxer briefs. They wouldn’t even have to touch each other. But I can’t get that. In fact, I can’t even get the NBA to bring back those booty shorts they used to wear. But an entire league was created so women without good sense could jump on each other half naked for the enjoyment of men who probably have even less sense. UNFAIR. 




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