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Don’t you love non-football posts? No? Me neither.

But alas here we are.

Quickly, I am on google + and I have created a football circle. So far I’m finding that Google+ is a tad more conducive to discussion than Twitter and might be a better social media place for me during the season and even during games.

If you add me to a circle, I will see the notification and add you to my football circle. http://gplus.to/imjdan

Secondly, I’m not much on awards stuff, but I’d be stupid if I didn’t at least plug my blog for Blogs with Balls Sports Media Project. If you have a moment, please vote for me for “Best Sports Site - Writing Quality.” You don’t even have to scroll down the page, it’s the very first award category listed.

It will ask you for my name: Jessica Danielle Url: PlayerPerspective.com and Twitter: @NFLGoodWitch

And you don’t even have to vote in any other categories if you don’t want to. You can vote for me and click off! However, it might be nice to support your favorite writers, assuming you have some.

See, that wasn’t so bad!



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Football-obsessed Writer and Blogger. I'm the Goodwitch of the NFL.
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    Your blog sucks

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  • http://www.mediastrut.com J Dan

    Thanks so much Sunshyne!!!

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