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TRUTH HURTS: Phil Jackson Admits He’s Done With Coaching + Says Lakers Are a Mess Right Now

If you, for some reason, were still hoping upon hopes that former Bulls/Lakers coach Phil Jackson would come out of retirement and implement the triangle for whatever team you root for, it’s not going to happen. Not that your team had a big enough star to lure him in anyway.

From the LA Times:

“Sometimes I feel I can still get out there and do it but the reality is I’m kidding myself,” Jackson said at a “Live Talks Los Angeles” event at the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Wednesday.

Jackson said he returned for one final year with the team in 2010-11 as a favor to the late Dr. Jerry Buss (and his support staff).

“When I was done I knew I was done — physically it was over,” he said. “Even though after I got a knee replacement and a prostatectomy in the last year and a half.”

So everything Jackson has done since then has been like the married man who takes his ring off to see if he’s “still got it.” Understood.

Jackson also says that the Lakers are “a mess” and in “financial disorder.” He says that  he gives ideas to girlfriend Jeanie Buss on how they can improve. Sounds fun.

[Phil Jackson is done with coaching. LA TIMES]

PS: If anyone has Tex Winter’s phone number hook a sista up. I want to meet him. He’s my idol!


Andy Reid’s Poor Game Management Strikes Again (read his explanation inside)


OT Jason Peters is the most valuable guy on the Eagles team. Without him, things are a lot scarier for Vick and the entire fan base. Unfortunately, he ruptured his achilles making it unlikely he returns until next season. Jason, COME BACK BOO. WE NEED YOU.

By the 3rd quarter of the Philadelphia Eagles/Cleveland Browns game I was screaming JEFF LURIE DO YOU SEE THIS? LOOK AT YOUR TEAM. JUST LOOK AT IT. 

Lurie, of course, is the majority owner of the Eagles and the only one with controlling interest. Lurie is also the man who has promised Coach Andy Reid a job as long as he’s owner-if you listen to Reid’s agent Bob Lamonte-and he is also the dude who, in response to Lamonte’s comments, denied what Lamonte said and promised Reid’s head on a platter if the Eagles don’t have a good season. Lurie is a man of many hats and what constitutes a good season will be decided by him and him only.

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Michael Vick Doesn’t Think He’s Injury Prone - Also Will Andy Reid Put His Foot Down?

Diminutive QB and Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick doesn’t think he’s injury prone and isn’t particularly worried about the possibilities of future injuries. He referred to previous injuries as “flukes.”


“I don’t think I’m injury-prone at all,” Vick said. “I just had a couple of fluke injuries that happened. But it’s not something I’m worried about.”

[To find out why I think Andy Reid needs to put his foot down click Read More]



Feeling the pressure Sean Payton Turns to His Mentor Bill Parcells

Chris Mortenson reported that Sean Payton asked his mentor and retired former Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells to consider coaching the Saints while he’s suspended for a year. As you know, Payton’s suspension is due to the fact that the Saints ran a bounty program under his watch and lied to the NFL about it for about 2 years.  As numerous reporters have pointed out, even an “interim” coaching job would set Parcells another 5 years back for Hall of Fame consideration so the likelihood of Parcells taking over for Payton is pretty low. He could, however, fill in for GM Mickely Loomis who is suspended until week 8 but even that seems like a stretch from where I sit. Obviously, that means nothing as stranger things have happened.

In fact, the mere thought of Payton and Parcells discussing such a move is strange itself. Why would Payton want to subject the team to an entirely different coaching style (Payton is known for being a good listener and a flexible leader, Parcells, however, is not) that, if things go as planned, would only be for a year anyway? Would it not make more sense for Steve Spagnuolo to double as DC and HC…at least then-assuming Spags doesn’t flee for another HC position after next season-players would be adapting to a style that they’d have to get used to anyway.

But the mentor-mentee relationshp is an influential one. And like any good mentor Parcells has had a lasting impact on Payton.  In 2010, Jeff Duncan mentioned in the Times-Picayne that when Payton first took over as HC of the Saints, the halls seemed haunted by Parcells:

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Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins Fire Their Coaches - Quarterbacks Still An Issue

We all saw it coming…

If you want more details about Todd Haley’s situation you can’t find a better source than Charles Robinson of Yahoo.


This is just a snippet. If you want all the juice, you have to read his entire timeline. There’s A LOT there. But ultimately, it comes down to a major clash of egos AND the quarterback situation in Kansas. I think the consensus is that nobody really knows what to think about Cassel’s potential. And apparently the Chiefs organization is no exception.

As for the Dolphins…there was a part of me that thought the Dolphins might keep Sparano…well at least until the end of the season.  Miami has really pulled it together the 2nd half of the season and you have to give Sparano some credit for that given the fact that he motivated a team that really has nothing to play for THIS season. Funny that up until yesterday when the Eagles beat the Dolphins both teams had the same record. Did the Eagles fire anyone yet?

I do think it’s possible that both teams could draft a quarterback next year. The Dolphins definitely have to-although I have a feeling that Matt Moore has played well enough for some team to at least consider him as their starter. I just don’t think the Dolphins will be willing to risk it when everyone will be looking at them to make a play for a QB. My guess is that Andrew Luck and this year’s Heisman winner Robert Griffin (assuming Griffin declares) will be gone by the time Miami gets a turn though.

I’m interested to see what happens next with Sparano. He never looked completely incapable to me. Miami is short on talent at some key positions and plus the Dolphins are such a drag as an organization. I looked at Miami’s roster from the past several years and I just don’t know what to think.

You tell me…[keep in mind, the Dolphins were 11-5 Sparano’s first season.







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