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Ladies Larry Fitzgerald gets uncomfortable when you grab his ass and he has no idea what’s happening

Ladies, what are you doing?

Sure you may have seen Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald’s firm tastycakes on TV and in photos. That doesn’t give you a right to just go up and grab them (but if you do let me know how it was)! Yes, it’s true, women are accosting Fitzgerald’s booty-tail when he’s turned around and not looking. I think that’s a misdemeanor in 30 states and a felony in 2 but fortunately he doesn’t want to call the po-pos on a fan. 

Now we could blame this on a young generation of women thirsty to get after athletes but we would be dead wrong. Apparently it’s the geriatr…umm…mature crowd that is showing such a lack of restraint when faced with Fitz’s bits. He says that lots of “middle aged” women are determined to rummage through the junk in his trunk whether he gives them permission or not. 

HOW RUDE. Check the 5:58 mark



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