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Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins Fire Their Coaches - Quarterbacks Still An Issue

We all saw it coming…

If you want more details about Todd Haley’s situation you can’t find a better source than Charles Robinson of Yahoo.


This is just a snippet. If you want all the juice, you have to read his entire timeline. There’s A LOT there. But ultimately, it comes down to a major clash of egos AND the quarterback situation in Kansas. I think the consensus is that nobody really knows what to think about Cassel’s potential. And apparently the Chiefs organization is no exception.

As for the Dolphins…there was a part of me that thought the Dolphins might keep Sparano…well at least until the end of the season.  Miami has really pulled it together the 2nd half of the season and you have to give Sparano some credit for that given the fact that he motivated a team that really has nothing to play for THIS season. Funny that up until yesterday when the Eagles beat the Dolphins both teams had the same record. Did the Eagles fire anyone yet?

I do think it’s possible that both teams could draft a quarterback next year. The Dolphins definitely have to-although I have a feeling that Matt Moore has played well enough for some team to at least consider him as their starter. I just don’t think the Dolphins will be willing to risk it when everyone will be looking at them to make a play for a QB. My guess is that Andrew Luck and this year’s Heisman winner Robert Griffin (assuming Griffin declares) will be gone by the time Miami gets a turn though.

I’m interested to see what happens next with Sparano. He never looked completely incapable to me. Miami is short on talent at some key positions and plus the Dolphins are such a drag as an organization. I looked at Miami’s roster from the past several years and I just don’t know what to think.

You tell me…[keep in mind, the Dolphins were 11-5 Sparano’s first season.








Chiefs Rookie Injured in Fight With Thomas Jones — Thumb in A Splint

Since when are rookies just getting into out and out fights with veterans? Multiple veterans at that. Rookie first round pick Jonathan Baldwin apparently got into it with teammate Jaamal Charles first and later Thomas Jones. The fight with Jones ended with Baldwin sustaining a cracked thumb that is currently in a splint. He missed the Chiefs last pre-season game and maybe doubtful for the rest of the pre-season.

This just ain’t the way to start off an NFL career. According to Arrowhead Addict Sports Radio 810 reported that veterans on the team have an issue with Baldwin’s sense of “entitlement.”

While Baldwin got the typical “character issues” speculation coming into the league, Thomas Jones has also had scuffles in the past. If you remember, Jones fought Cedric Benson in the head when they both played for the Bears. That was Benson’s rookie year. (not that Benson hasn’t been in a fight or two!)

For the Chiefs part, they lied and then later refused to comment. Thomas Jones said he would not be answering any non-football questions (wait…isn’t the locker room a part of football? He’s only taking scheme-related question now? Oh.) Kansas City media looks to be all over the whole character issues thing and how the Chiefs are going back on their promise to bring in character guys. Remember, this is the team that had volatile running back Larry Johnson for many years.

I’ve said time and time again NO ONE but NO ONE cares really and truly about character unless they are certain it’d be a distraction. But the right player and the right personnel fit, character importance goes out the window. And the Chiefs are right on the cusp of making some things happen, they need good players not girl scouts.

Since high testosterone males who run into each other for a living are prone to fighting I’m reserving judgement. If you ask me, their whole careers are a big fight. It just sucks to see a rookie injured. But it may be safe to say Baldwin is definitely not the shy type by all accounts, and maybe not be interested in any kind of veteran hazing that may take place in the locker room.

Speaking of hazing, the Jaguars have banned it. Dallas Coach Jason Garrett has also said he doesn’t believe in hazing though rookies and free agents still can’t wear the Dallas star on their helmet until they “earn it.” Yeah okay.


In Defense of Thomas Jones–Former Falcon Jamal Anderson Makes the Case

Thomas Jones With the Dapper Look

This is the first post in my “In Defense of” series where I choose one player to defend against the criticism levied against them. Today’s post was inspired by a longer and better post by former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson.

In a world where T.O.s and Ochocincos rule the airwaves in more ways than one, we sometimes forget about the quiet warriors that take the field week after week during football season. Thomas Jones is one of those guys. After playing a key role in the  Chicago Bears’ 2007 march to the Super Bowl, Jones was steeped in a little bit of controversy.  He left lots of Chicago fans disappointed when he left the team and moved on to the Jets. in 2009, Jones found himself in a standoff with the always-interesting Coach Rex Ryan when he asked for a contract renegotiation after Ryan had made it clear that veterans would not be receiving extensions until their current contracts expired.

Now that Jones is playing for the Chiefs (he signed in March 2010), those days feel long gone. He’s productive and has quietly helped the Chiefs improve their offense by leaps and bounds.

Anderson covers Jones’ history in the league well:


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