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Honesty Hour and Hurt Feelings with Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Carter and Carmelo Anthony

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I just wanted to quickly recap the awesome flashes of honesty we have witnessed in the sports world this week. 

1. Carmelo Anthony. When asked about whether the NY Knicks should match the Houston Rockets offer for Jeremy Lin, Melo said it’s up to them whether or not they match that “ridiculous” offer. Opinions were split on Melo’s candid response with some saying the truth hurts and others saying no player should ever say another player is overpaid. Final verdict: It’s not right but it’s okay. 

2. Larry Fitzgerald has a reputation for being intelligent and brutally honest. This is fitting since his August 31 birthday makes him a Virgo. Notoriously hard workers, a typical Virgo’s favorite past times are being right, telling people how right they are, and explaining to other people why they’re wrong [see also: Reed, Edward Earl and Foster, Arian]. Last week Fitz called out rookie WR Michael Floyd for not coming to practice and workout with him saying on twitter that he was charging him with “a DWI - Don’t Want It.” That would have been less horrifically embarrassing if @pink_funk hadn’t reminded me that Floyd actually did have a real DWI charge while in college.

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Well this week, Fitz was George Washington and Kevin Kolb was the cherry tree. In an interview, Fitz casually chopped Kolb down by saying that fantasy owners should choose Calvin Johnson over him due to the Quarterback situation. Final Verdict: Kevin Kolb was booed at Cardinals mini camp, Fitz can say what he wants. 

3. Andre Carter. In a surprise shade attack Andre Carter was interviewed on the radio and said, among other things, that he learned more last season with the New England Patriots than he did in his previous 11 years in the league. His previous 11 years were spent playing for a little known team called the Washington Redskins and before that the San Francisco 49ers. Final Verdict: Okay maybe he didn’t learn about football, but does he at least know how to play spades? 

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