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Trying and failing to get excited about SuperBowl 2 - stories from the second media week

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I promised I’d update you guys with more good stories from the dreaded SECOND week of media leading up to the SuperBowl. Seriously, NFL, let’s get rid of the two week build up. PLEASE.

Now, for the stories…

Tight Ends have been the talk of this season. Well, I’ve been talking about them since 2009 and predicting that their roles would be expanded due to the size, speed, and versatility of modern players at the position. Now that there are soooo many TEs getting 60, 70…100 + touches in a season everyone is writing about tight ends. This week it was Jeff Darlington at If Ron Gronkowski’s ankle holds up and Aaron Hernandez gets going early Super Bowl may put the cap on a perfect year for many Tight Ends across the league. [Tight Ends Are Truly Changing The Game.]

Wes Welker is a damn fool. I learned this after following him on twitter. Of course, I remember him playfully mocking Jets coach Rex Ryan during the whole foot fetish thing but I didn’t know how funny he could be until twitter. Funniest thing that happened: he made his girlfriend breakfast in bed…it looked totally gross and he gave it to her on a paper plate in a room that looked completely empty besides their bed (which she was lying in!). Welker’s followers roasted him for an hour but he took it like a sport. Apparently he and the girl are now engaged. I swear, the things you have to do to get a ring these days! Anyway, Aaron Hernandez said Welker has an “asshole” sense of humor. More on that here. [Welker humors Patriots who usually frown on funny stuff.]

The newly designed put up a piece about Giants WR Victor Cruz in which they argued that lots of the coverage around Cruz boiled him down to racial stereotypes. I’m not sure if that’s the way I’d describe it, but I’ve noted in MOST coverage of black athletes there is a clear obsession with the “pull yourself up from a rough upbringing by your bootstraps” storyline and as the writer mentions the media rarely fleshes those stories out to be fuller than that. On the other hand, those ashy to classy stories are sooooooo frequently the case among black athletes that it’s hard not to tell it-especially when the athletes themselves revel in how far they’ve come from a surface standpoint. [The Story of Victor Cruz is too often framed by racial stereotypes.]

While you and Gisele were praying for Tommy, Chris Brown at Smartfootball was writing for Slate about the Patriots brilliant No Huddle. Unlike my Atlanta Falcons the No Huddle is not the most unpredictable thing about the Pats offense, but it is a key part of the dazzle. In the post, Brown wonders why more teams don’t embrace the No Huddle since huddles in real life aren’t quite as #dramatical as they are on television. Well, I think part of that has to do with the fact that not every offense is quite as streamlined as Patriots. Maybe it’s a comfort factor. Take a look at Aaron Rodgers’ perspectiveabout playcalling when he took on some of those duties while sitting due to injury. [Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the genius of the Patriots' no-huddle offense.]




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