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I contributed to the NY Times “Room for Debate” again when I pretty much angered the entire swim community. I’m not even sure I’d be allowed at a swim event at this point. [Room for Debate: What Olympic Sport Would You Eliminate]

The NY Times “Room for Debate” included me as 1 of 4 contributors to a discussion on Penn State.  [Room for Debate: Should the NCAA punish Penn State]

I was really honored to be included in the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education’s list of Sports Journalists of Color 2012. Each day in July they featured a different writer. My day was July 13th. [Jessica Danielle July 13 MIJE]

Junior Seau’s death has affected everyone who loves football including myself. On I wrote about how I couldn’t help but wonder whether Seau’s depression was linked to his football career. [Seau suicide linked to post-career trauma?] highlighted my experience with Joe Cowley Chicago Sun Times columnist and sexist creep.  Readers will remember Cowley has the one who wrote a crap piece on Matt Forte and let off a series of sexist remarks when I got his name wrong. Boo hoo. Well he apparently offended a baseball writer not even a month after he let loose on me. [Joe Cowley: The Best Sexist Around, Nothing's Gonna Ever Keep Him Down]

For I lamented the hysterical lead up to the NFL draft, during which players are unfairly attacked and generally dragged through the mud in the interest of drawing in readers and helping teams drive down player values. [TRIAL BY FIRE: The NFL Draft's Public Assault on Potential Players [OPINION] THE MEDIA HYPE AROUND THE DRAFT PROCESS HUMILIATES NFL HOPEFULS AND PLAYS ON STEREOTYPES AROUND BLACK ATHLETES, SAYS JESSICA DANIELLE. BUT WHY?]

For The Atlantic Ta-Nehisi Coates highlighted my comments on how athletes’ finances are affected by much more than simply overspending. [The Second Lives of Pro Football Players, Cont]

On LaMar Campbell’s Life After The Game we talked about players, love and finances on an episode called “Love After The Game.” Check my segment at the 34:45 mark. [Love After the Game] quoted me on the BCS and the LSU/Arkansas game. [For college football, mess of a BCS in the works]

For Jezebel I stood up for women sports fans and our right to watch sports without being quizzed or judged. [Female sports fans and the men who judge them]

Quick Hits

Bitch magazine put my female sports fan piece on their radar.

CNN quoted me on Joe Paterno.

Cowley creep was covered around the web. The Daily Mail and the Huffington Post.


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