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Cleveland Browns Land 8 Episode Reality Show

Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks which aired over the summer gave us some of the most boring television I can remember. Certainly, it was the worst installment of Hard Knocks that I can remember. Well if you’re someone who likes to see NFL teams profiled (and I am!) the Cleveland Browns are taking a shot on what their owner calls a “softer” version of Hard Knocks  in a series that will air on the Travel Channel. 

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitch reports

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III calls the Travel Channel’s upcoming ‘NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns’ a “soft version of Hard Knocks.” The Browns have partnered with the Travel Channel, NFL Films and RIVR Media for an eight-episode series promising an inside look at how an NFL team travels on the road during the regular season. The first episode airs Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. “It’s based a little more on the travel aspect of an NFL team, but you do see us practice and you do see time with the players and coaches,” said Haslam, who purchased the Browns for more than $1 billion in October “So I call it a softer version of Hard Knocks.”

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 I will be making my best effort to tune into the Browns’ show and see what TC can come up with. The Channel has some previous experience working with the NFL or at least one of its players. Former NFLer Dhani Jones landed a show called “Dhani Tackles the Globe” where he traveled and took in local culture in various places including a rough turn playing Rugby in England. 

In terms of personalities, the Browns have quite a few entertaining guys on the squad. Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden could make TV interesting depending on how much this show focuses on players and not just logisitics. So could Brandon Wheedon and Trent Richardson. 

For the Travel Channel’s part they are selling this thing a little harder than Haslam.  They’re promising unprecedented coverage and access and insight into preparation behind the scenes from uniforms to food to stadium readiness. I actually like this approach-a lot goes into making these games happen (besides practices) that we don’t know about. This is a great opportunity to see how one team conducts business. 

Source: [NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns]


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