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Guest Blog: Fawn Struggles to Enjoy Watching The NY Giants Play

Fawn is a former music writer, lawyer, and a classically trained dancer and musician.

This is the 2nd post from Fawn. Read Fawn’s bio here. Read Fawn’s first post here


Okay, so we’re heading into week five of the NFL season, and I’m beginning to feel a little more confident about my knowledge of the game. I’ve watched the last few games with the boyfriend, which has been helpful and informative, but not much fun, I must say. Here’s what I’ve learned thus far…

Those fiftylevenhundred men on the field, that I complained about previously, are all there for a reason; a very strategic reason. Apparently without those linemen and linebackers (look at me, fancy with the titles, lol), the high-profile positions/players wouldn’t thrive. I get it. I still won’t pay them any attention, but I get it.

That said, I understand that the quarterback is the highest profile position, but I feel like there’s too much pressure on them. Quarterback throws the ball, wide receiver misses the catch,everyone is hammering the quarterback. The way I see it, everyone else has one job. In the wide receiver’s case, his job is to catch the ball. Your entire career is based on your ability to do one thing- catch the ball. The quarterback, however, has multiple jobs he must execute under the most pressure; yet, everyone is angry at him when things go wrong. That’s baffling to me. I’ve also learned that you can’t miss a minute of a NFL game, because in a minute the ball can be fumbled or intercepted and everything can change drastically. This has forced me to rearrange my Sundays so that the quesadillas and wings are done before kick-off. A woman’s work is never done.

 Now let’s talk about why, despite my newfound understanding of the game, I haven’t been able to really enjoy a complete NFL game yet. First off, my team is 0-4. When I decided to become a New York Giants fan, at the behest of my boyfriend, I didn’t know that they weren’t going to win any games. This is embarrassing, and has made for a very tense gaming experience on Sundays. I can’t get my questions answered because the boyfriend is so pissed about the game that he doesn’t want to talk. Also, as I’m learning about the game, when I come to an understanding of something I get excited. For instance, once I learn the rules of fumbling on a fourth down, it doesn’t matter what team it is, i’m anxious for the fumbler to recover the ball…even if it’s the opposing team. Naturally, that pisses my die-hard Giants fan off. So maybe watching with him isn’t such a good idea after all; at least until I become genuinely invested in the Giants.

Until next time… Go Giants (I guess)!

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